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A relative of the mystical bhrunai, the hulking trollkin are well defined by their brown-green skin, long pointed ears, and protruding lower tusks. They often sprout thick manes of mossy-green, brown, or black hair and long claw-like nails on their four-fingered hands. This ancient lineage has existed on Ancerra for millennia and has a long history in the mythos of isolated northern settlements. Colloquially called bridge trolls, there are many tall tales of growling trollkin demanding tolls or asking complex riddles of those who wished to cross the bridge under which they resided. What these tales often neglect to mention is that trollkin are clean and meticulous in the upkeep of the places they live and most local settlements welcomed the well maintained and reinforced bridges they relied on for trade and travel. Trollkin such as these became valued members of the community, often accepting food and company in payment for defense against hostile creatures or brigands for there are few things a trollkin values over a safe and quiet home.

Trollkin are well respected as merchants, trackers, and guides for their undisputed connection with the natural world and affinity with wild beasts. They pride their natural independence and self-sufficiency and always look to their own skills to solve a problem before turning to another. Still, an adventuring party can always rely on a trollkin to accomplish the tasks they promise to do and their ability to turn to stone in an instant is remarkably handy.

Trollkin Culture

Trollkin have historically kept to themselves, and rarely sought the company of their own kind. Trollkin culture has thus risen from their own oral histories, passed down from parent to child, and their predilection to philosophical rambling have made them a favorite conversation partner for sages and scholars.

Trollkin Traits

Height: 5'8" - 7'4"

Weight: 250 - 450 lbs

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Trollkin visually bear resemblance to bhrunai, though they are much taller and heavier than their smaller cousins. Their skin and hair coloration are reminiscent of mossy boulders or huge trees.

Lifespan: Trollkin reach maturity around 30 years of age and naturally live around 220 - 260 years.

Trollkin Features

Tollkin Starting Features

At level 1, you gain the following features as a trollkin.

Feature Description
Stoneform (1/Rest) Trollkin can gain the unique ability to convert their flesh to stone instantly. As a reactive action, you may spend 1 AP to turn to stone, gaining Resist Damage 10, and becoming Paralyzed but not Helpless. You may not move, attack, or use any ability or feature while in this form. Stoneform lasts until the end of your next turn.
Rapid Regeneration (1/Recoup) Trollkin are particularly hearty and their body can recover quickly from serious wounds. You may spend 2 AP to regain HP equal to one 1d12 plus your END.
Unique Ability To further define your trollkin, chose one option from the All Trollkin Features table at level 1.

All Trollkin Features

In addition to the unique feature you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Descreption
Bridge Dweller Gain +6 Skill Points that you can spend on the following skills. You cannot put more than +4 points into a single skill using this feature.
  • Athleticism: Applied Force, Sprinting
  • Crafting*: Carpentry, Masonry, Smithing, Woodcarving
  • Influence: Intimidating
  • Luck: Scavenging
  • Stamina: Distance Running, Forced March, Menacing
  • Survival: Animal Handling, Foraging, Nature, Sheltering
Long Arms Your melee reach increases by +5 ft.
Natural Camouflage While outdoors, Concealed, and not actively moving, you gain +3 on checks to remain hidden.
Particularly Crafty Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Crafting tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Rapid Regeneration II Rapid Regeneration, Character Level 5 Regain expended uses of your Rapid Regeneration ability when you Catch your Breath.
Rapid Regeneration III Rapid Regeneration II You may now use your Rapid Regeneration ability 2/Catch your Breath, regaining all expended uses when you Catch your Breath.
Rapid Regeneration IV: Troll Blood Rapid Regeneration III, Character Level 20 Gain Vulnerable Fire 4, but if you have not been damaged by Fire within the last minute, you regain 1 HP at the beginning of each of your turns while you are Bloodied.
Self-Sufficient Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Survival tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Stonform II Stoneform, Character Level 5 You may now use your Stoneform feature 2/Rest, regaining all expended uses when you Take a Rest.
Stoneform III Stoneform II You may now use your Stoneform feature 3/Rest, regaining all expended uses when you Take a Rest.
Stone Gut Character Level 5 Gain Resist Toxic 3.
Stone Gut II Stone Gut, Character Level 10 You are immune to being poisoned and diseased, and increase your resist Toxic number by 3. Furthermore, you can receive nourishment from eating and biological plant or common mineral such as clay, dirt, or stone.
Throw Anything You are particularly good at throwing improvised weapons. When throwing an improvised weapon, you can choose Dex or STR, your range becomes 30 feet, and its damage can go up to 1d12, determined by your MC and what you are throwing.


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