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On the continent of Gathandia in the first supereon, a stalwart nation of dwarven warriors managed to fell an enormous Kaijan. Using elder runemagic through ancient artifacts that they only partially understood, they reanimated the corpse of the Kaijan into a new creature. This was the first dragon. The dwarven leaders of this nation mastered the craft and created one more dragon, whereupon the artifacts broke in a tremendous magical explosion, preventing the arcane creation of any more dragons. However, the two dragons had seven offspring, and the nine dragons departed from the dwarven kingdoms to claim their own territory. These are the nine true dragons, glorious and immortal, and from them all drakes, wyverns, winged serpents, and the like have descended. Dragonfolk are a proud and mighty remnant of an ancient kingdom ruled by the immortal nine dragons. The inhabitants of this lost kingdom were once humans and other humanoid lineages, and the first generation of dragonfolk were transformed from these lineages into their dragonlike bodies through powerful arcane magic cast by the nine dragons. The descendants of these first dragonfolk are the dragonfolk that populate Ancerra today. Though their kingdom has long since fallen into antiquity, and the dragons themselves are veiled in myth and legend, most dragonfolk still hold onto the regal bearing of their ancestors and embrace the finer points of culture such as art, dance, and song. Visually, they resemble their true dragon ancestors with tough scales, reptilian tails, curled horns, and even wings. While most are flightless, all dragonfolk can breathe fire by tapping into the vestigial power of their ancestry.

Dragonfolk Culture

Dragonfolk communities tend to promote matters of self-improvement and exemplify beauty of the inner self in all things both physical and intellectual. Most dragonfolk believe that improvement of the self serves to improve the community and embrace a “strong links make a strong chain” mentality. While this can develop tightly-knit communities built on mutual support, it can also lead to harsh ostracization of those deemed unsupportive of the community.

Dragonfolk in society are often praised for their eagerness to learn, meticulous instruction and service to the local community. It is not unusual to see dragonfolk artisans taking on multiple apprentices or to see dragonfolk city guards organizing community self-defense lessons for the poor and exploited.

Dragonfolk Traits

Height: 5’10" - 6’8”

Weight: 190-300 lbs

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Dragonfolk coloration varies widely, ranging from muted browns, grays, and mottled greens to more dramatic reds, blues, and even purples. Some have a more metallic or gemlike sheen to their scales, appearing golden, coppery, crystalline, or rusted. Many are multicolored. Just like true dragons, dragonfolk horns, spines, frills, and tails are as varied in appearance as their colorations.

Lifespan: Dragonfolk are a longer-living lineage, reaching maturity around age 26 with a lifespan of roughly 200 years.

Other Draconic Creatures: Dragonfolk hold other draconic offspring, such as drakes and wyverns, in the highest possible regard, with some treating them as divine beings.

Tension with Dwarves: While most dragonfolk accept the historicity of dwarves having directly created the dragons, they do not view dwarves as superior. Rather, they typically believe that the dragons - immortal and wise beyond all Eons - have far surpassed their own creators in creativity, power, and splendor.

Dragonfolk Features

Dragonfolk Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as a dragonfolk.

Feature Description
Buffer Fall When falling, you can slow the descent and angle of your fall. For every 30 ft that you fall, you take 1d4 falling damage. Furthermore, for every 10 ft that you fall, you may choose to move 5 ft horizontally.
Fire Breath (1/Recoup) You can spend 3 AP to exhale a cone of fire and sear the creatures around you. Make an END attack vs the FORT of each creature in a 15 ft cone. Deal 2d6 fire damage to creatures that you hit, and 1⁄2 as much damage to creatures that you miss.
Unique Feature Choose one option from the All Dragonfolk Features table at level 1.

Dragonfolk Features

In addition to the unique feature you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Cold-Blooded You suffer TD while in arctic environments or any environment with below-freezing temperatures, but gain TA while in desert or jungle environments, as well as any other environment that exceeds 80 °F. Additionally, gain +1 FORT.
Fire Breath: Draconic Lungs Fire Breath Regain all expended uses of Fire Breath when you Catch your Breath.
Fire Breath: Explosive Fire Breath The range of your Fire Breath cone attack extends by 15 ft.
Fire Breath: Hellfire Repeatable. Your Fire Breath deals 2d6 additional damage.
Flame-Born (END/Rest) Gain Fire Affinity for 1 minute.
Flutter Jump With your wingspan, you can jump higher than a normal creature. Your vertical Jump distance is doubled.
Dragonfolk Flight: Glide You no longer take falling damage while using your wings. When falling, you can now move 15 ft horizontally for every 10 ft that you fall.
Dragonfolk Flight: Hover Dragonfolk Flight: Glide You can hover up to 5 ft over the ground and can remain 5 ft off the ground when you move for no additional AP. You cannot fly vertically. Hover takes sufficient energy and focus that you cannot benefit from Flutter Jump at the same time.
Dragonfolk Flight: Soar Dragonfolk Flight: Hover, Character Level 15 Gain a fly speed equal to your walking speed.
Strafe Dragonfolk Flight: Soar,

Fire Breath

If you use your Fire Breath, you can choose to spend 4 AP to make a strafing attack. For this attack, you move in a 30 ft line and make an END attack vs the FORT of each creature along that line dealing your normal amount of Fire Breath damage. You can be no more than 15 ft away from the surface you are strafing.
Tail Swipe Using the Trip maneuver only costs 1 AP for you.
Tough Scales When you are not wearing armor, your AR base is 13.


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