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Kleppin are an incredibly diverse lineage of small fur- covered humanoids with features resembling a multitude of woodland animals. Some sport thick bushy tails and cherubic cheeks, like the common squirrel, while others have tall pointed ears and long feet, like a meadow hare. Still others hold resemblance to badgers, beavers, or raccoons. Regardless of what critter they might resemble, they are all kleppin and hold the same fiery spirit known as others of their kind.

Though small in stature, the kleppin are far from skittish or timid as their appearance might lead some to believe. Kleppin settlements often host small but masterfully trained squads of warriors who are experts in ambush tactics that hobble enemy forces well before they reach the palisade gates. Kleppin know their territory inside and out, above and below, and rarely does anyone approach without their notice. Those kleppin who do heed the call of adventure, or have it thrust upon them, often find work as trackers, guides, druids and rangers where their connection to the natural world can be put to full effect.

Kleppin Culture

Much like the Hondu, kleppin societies often embrace the natural world and build their cities as compliments to the environment rather than forcing dominance. Mighty trees host huge cities of residences while vast tunnel systems below the roots teem with industry. Natural defenses are supplemented with growths, deadfalls, and palisades. Kleppin art and literature exemplifies their cultural heroes and spins even the most mundane tale into epic fables with notable lessons.

Kleppin Traits

Height: 2’6” - 3’8”

Weight: 30 - 50 lbs

Size: Small

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Kleppin are essentially sentient small woodland critters, ranging from mice and squirrels to badgers and raccoons.

Lifespan: Kleppin reach maturity around 8 years of age and naturally live 50 to 60 years.

Kleppin Features

Kleppin Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as a kleppin.

Feature Description
Scurry When creatures attack you using Reactive actions, their attacks suffer a -2 penalty to hit.
Unique Abilities To further define your kleppin, choose two options from the All Kleppin Features table at level 1.

All Kleppin Features

In addition to the two unique features you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Bravery Whenever a creature tries to Frighten you, they must roll 2d20 and use the lower one.
Bravery II Bravery You cannot be Frightened by creatures. (Effects that do not originate from creatures can still Frighten you.)
Bravery III Bravery II You cannot be Frightened by any source.
Buffer Fall When falling, you can slow your descent and angle your fall. You only take 1d4 falling damage for every 30 ft that you fall. Furthermore, for every 10 ft that you fall, you may choose to move 5 ft horizontally.
Burrower (1/Rest). Gain a burrow speed equal to 1⁄2 your walking speed. You can burrow through soil, dirt, sand, mud, or similar substances, but cannot burrow through rock, stone, metal, and the like. When you burrow, you leave a large and noticeable tunnel in your wake. Any Small creature can squeeze through the tunnel, expending 2 ft of movement for every 1 ft that they move. Any Tiny or smaller creature can move through the tunnel at normal speed. You cannot burrow more than 10 ft below the surface.

Furthermore, burrowing takes a significant amount of energy. Once you begin burrowing, you can only burrow for a number of minutes equal to your END+1 (min 1). This time limit applies even if you do not spend all of the allotted time burrowing.

Burrower II Burrower Burrower becomes 1/Recoup
Claws Gain a special attack that costs 2 AP and deals 1d4 sharp damage on a hit. This is considered a natural weapon, and you use your choice of STR or DEX for the attack and damage rolls.
Climber Gain a climb speed equal to your walking speed.
Darkvision You can see in darkness to a limit, even without any light source. You cannot discern color while using your Darkvision. While using Darkvision, you can see up to 30 ft, and then are blind beyond that point.
Leap Double your horizontal jump distance. The distance you can jump is restricted by your movement; if you do not spend enough AP to complete your jump, then your jump ends when you run out of movement.
Natural Survivor Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Survival tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Rodent’s Cunning Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Subterfuge tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Scurry II Scurry, Character Level 5 When creatures attack you on your turn, their attacks suffer a -5 penalty to hit.
Scurry III Scurry II, Character Level 10. When creatures attack you on your turn, their attacks suffer a -10 penalty to hit.
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