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Thank you for contributing to the MythCraft SRD. We can keep MythCraft free and available to everyone through crowdsourcing the official SRD Wiki. And that's all thanks to you! Below are several best practices. If you come across a new process or best practice, please edit this page.

Editing and Creating Pages

If you want to help, just make an account! Once you have an account, most pages can be edited or created. Click "Edit" at the top to use the Visual Editor.

If the page hasn't been created yet, it will say "Create" and "Create Source" instead of Edit and Edit Source.

Known Issues & Future Changes

  • Testing is in beta - currently all registered users can edit. We'll lock this down in the future
  • A ton of styling & CSS issues.
  • Mobile Friendly Tables are not site width
  • Hope to add additional table styles & types
  • WikiSEO & Meta Stuff

Linking to and Creating Pages

To create a page just type what you're linking in brackets [[ ]]

It will then give you a prompt to name the page you are linking to. If it doesn't exist yet, then it will create a new page.

In this example i have typed [[I'm Making A Page]] - It will look like this if you do it right -> I'm Making A Page

This new page I have created is called I'm Making A Page. Once you've done this, it will link to the empty page, and you can click "Create," as above.

If the page already exists, it will look like this -> Main Page

To link to a heading within a page, simply type the Page Name#Heading Name exactly like this inside the double brackets. Example: [[MythCraftEditors#Linking to and Creating Pages]] will link to this section.

More links are better. If you see a missing link that might be helpful, throw in some brackets!

Quick Reference
Linking to a Created Page Double click the text you'd like to link and click the LINK icon at the top (looks like a little chain)
Linking to a future page or uncreated page Double click the text you'd like to link, and click the LINK icon at the top (looks like a little chain) then type whatever you'd like to name the page. Once you click insert, it will link to the uncreated page. When a link is RED you know it's a page that still needs to be created.
Linking to a HEADING or SUBHEADING within a page Exactly as above, but add a #Heading Name at the end. It will then link to the heading within the page. [[Page Name#Heading Name]]
Changing the LINK TEXT If you want to link without the exact name of the page, you can click a link in EDIT mode (Red or Blue Link) and then click "Change Text" --- This will change the text while keeping the link.

Best Practices


Make sure to use headings and subheadings. Headings to break up sections and subheadings to further breakdown the information. As in this example the Heading is "Best Practices" and the subheading is "Headings"

Uploading Images

You can upload images by clicking "Insert" and then "Image" in the top toolbar. Please follow these rules when uploading images:

  • JPEG/JPG are highly preferred to .PNGs and be conscious of file size
  • Make sure they're titled and add a short description.
  • Only upload a photo where a visual will be helpful, and only upload a relevant visual.

Maintaining Optimized Images:

  • If you find an oversized file please replace it with a web optimized one!
  • If you find a poorly titled, or image lacking a description, please replace or edit.


Tables should be automatically styled initially. Insert a table by clicking "Insert" and then Table from the top toolbar. You will get a table like below.

Useful Tricks:

  • Items in tables can be linked, just add the [[ to both sides ]]
  • You can merge cells for titles by dragging the mouse over, and then clicking merge. This allows for longer lists to be kept neat
  • If you click the table, you can go to properties and select Sortable and Collapsible. They do exactly what they sound like, only make a table sortable if it is useful to be sortable, such as containing numerical values or pre-reqs
These are merged cells
Item 1 Item 4
Item 2 Item 5
Item 3 Item 6
This is a SORTABLE Table
A 1 3 2
B 2 2 1
C 3 1 3

Info Boxes & Templates

More info coming soon