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Long before sapient creatures began building their civilizations, ancient and long-forgotten deities sculpted Ancerra. Their tools were powerful machinations of magic and technology, shaping and maintaining Ancerra’s storied terrain. Eons later, shards of these tools lay forgotten, abandoned by their original purpose.

Now with the advent of widespread magic, sometimes these shards, these remnants, find themselves awake and with memories that blur and blend together. These wandering souls seek out an esoteric something, whether that be a master or true freedom. Most cannot describe it in words of any mortal tongue. Remnants are highly empathic, and often sensitive to the emotional energies of the people they surround themselves with.

Built With Purpose

Not every tool must be a weapon. Remnants can be the remains of anything: an ecological manipulation device, an arcane observatory, a dimensional gateway, etc. Their forms, though humanoid, are varied; however, they always share the sharp geometric patterns and bismuth-like formations of stone that make up their body. Remnants have personalities as varied as any other lineage, but they all possess an existential desire to be useful. Whether that translates to overthrowing tyrants or creating toys for children, remnants believe that all living beings are designed to compliment one another in a grand, cosmic symbiosis. Remnants find it abhorrent when sapient creatures act in a selfish manner.

Remnant Traits

Height: 4’0” - 7’0”

Weight: 150 - 500 lbs

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Remnants generally have a bright metallic sheen and while some are monochrome, many sparkle with iridescent colors. It is possible to see light shining from within many of their joints.

Lifespan: Remnants can live almost indefinitely, provided that they can get whatever sustenance their bodies need.

Remnant Features

Remnant Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as a remnant.

Feature Description
Armored Form You cannot wear Armor, but your base AR begins at 12. You can integrate armor into your form by spending at least one hour disassembling it and customizing it to your form. Armor integrated in this way grants all its magical bonuses, but none of the AR. You can only integrate one suit of armor at a time; if you want to integrate a new set of armor, you must first eject your current form of armor. Ejected armor regains all of its original properties and provides no benefit to you unless you integrate it again.
Constructed Form You do not need to eat or drink, but must still breathe and sleep.
Unique Feature To further define your Remnant, choose one option from the All Remnant Features table at level 1.

All Remnant Features

In addition to the unique feature you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Darkvision You can see in darkness to a limit, even without any light source. You cannot discern color while using your darkvision. While using Darkvision, you can see up to 30 ft, and then are blind beyond that point.
Divinity Code Learn two prayers of your choice from the Divine Source. These prayers count as psionic magic for you. Use your magic attribute. If you do not have one, use CHA.
Enhanced Armor Armored Form Repeatable. Your AR increases by +2.
Illuminate By spending 1 AP, you can shed bright light for up to a 20 ft radius from yourself, and dim light for double that distance. Alternatively, you can choose to shine only dim light up to a 20 ft radius. This light remains until you decide to spend an additional 1 AP to end it.
Manufacturer You may cast the Minor Conjuration cantrip from the Arcane Source, but it counts as psionic for you when cast in this way.
Programmed Appraisal Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points that you can spend on any skills with the Observation tag. You cannot put more than +4 into a single skill using this feature.
Programmed Athleticism Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points that you can spend on any skills with the Athleticism or Stamina tags. You cannot put more than +4 into a single skill using this feature.
Tireless Sentinel You no longer physiologically require sleep. You must still rest your mind, however, to avoid the psychological effects of fatigue. 4 hours of quiet meditation is sufficient for you to Take a Rest, but you cannot Rest more than once per 24 hours as usual.
Tool Manifestation Repeatable. Choose a tool or kit. You can produce that tool or kit from within yourself at will, but when you do, that tool or kit is considered a part of your body and can only be used by you. Gain +4 to all checks made with tools and kits that are a part of you.
Warm Illuminate By augmenting the heat produced by your advanced technological body, you may emit warmth akin to that of a campfire in a 10 ft radius around you. You may only do this when you Catch your Breath, Recoup, or Take a Rest. Creatures within the radius who are not wet do not need to make END checks against the effects of extreme cold.
Weapon Manifestation Choose a weapon with the one-handed tag. You manifest that weapon out of the material within your own dominant arm. You cannot throw the weapon, even if it has the thrown tag, and you cannot be disarmed of this weapon unless your dominant arm is severed.
Weapon Manifestation II Weapon Manifestation The weapon that you manifest can have the hand-and-a-half tag. You may use it with one hand, or temporarily fuse your hands together to gain its hand-and-a- half benefit.
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