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With their brown-green skin, pointed ears, and thick manes of mossy-green, brown, or black hair, the bhrunai originally come from the southern swamplands and possess a captivating appearance they share with their northern relatives, the trollkin. Existing on Ancerra for countless ages, this ancient lineage is deeply intertwined with the myths and legends of many other cultures. In the past, it was well known that bhrunai would often sneak into homes deep in the night and take food, trinkets, or other such things they deemed useful as tools.

The evidence of this theft could always be found the following morning in the form of shoes with new soles or clothes expertly patched with tightly-wound swampgrass. Past bhrunai generally struggled with the concept of ownership and so these exchanges were often deemed as thefts, though many homes grew to welcome these small services and so began leaving offerings for the bhrunai directly. However, it is only in recent centuries that these once-reclusive beings have emerged from their seclusion and embraced integration into society at large.

Travelers may now encounter bhrunai as they engage in commerce in bustling city markets or traverse trade routes with their turtle-pulled wagons. They have earned a particularly notable reputation as skilled artisans and craftsmen and are known to pour themselves into perfecting a craft over their long lifetimes. They take great pride in their independence and resourcefulness, relying on their own abilities to solve problems before seeking assistance.

Bhrunai Culture

Bhrunai have traditionally preferred either solitude or the company of their own kind, building tiny, stilted hovels and forming small communes, usually close to established settlements with which they could trade. Passersby may mistake a group of sleeping bhrunai for mossy boulders. Bhrunai have unique romantic relationships, wherein two who chose to spend their lives together perform a “Melding” wherein two become one. This new bhrunai shares the memories of both mates, but is an entirely new unique individual. Ten to fifteen years after a Melding, two to four small, round, pebble-like eggs break off from the bhrunai while it sleeps, which grow into young.

Bhrunai Traits

Height: 3’4” - 4’2”

Weight: 50 - 120 lbs

Size: Small

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Bhrunai are usually stocky or cherubic with skin tones like that of stone: primarily shades of gray and brown. Their hair resembles mosses, lichens, or fungi, and their eyes range in coloration from gray to brown to green to blue to hazel to metallic.

Lifespan: Bhrunai reach maturity around ten years of age and live very long lives. Bhrunai do not physically deteriorate until around their 400th year of life when their body slowly begins to solidify as they spend more and more time resting in their stone form. By their 500th year, most bhrunai become stone permanently.

Bhrunai Features

Bhrunai Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as a bhrunai.

Feature Description
Stone Sleep Bhrunai do not sleep like other creatures and instead enter a state of suspended animation called “Stone Sleep.” You must enter Stone Sleep for 6 hours to regenerate your energy on a daily basis. While Stone Sleep is activated you gain DT 30, and you are Unconscious but not Helpless. You may remain in Stone Sleep indefinitely, but taking any damage immediately ends your Stone Sleep.
Fae Step (1/Rest) Bhrunai have the natural ability to wink out of sight and slip into places unnoticed. By spending 2 AP, you become Invisible for 1 minute. This feature ends immediately if you take damage, make an attack, or use magic.
Unique Feature Choose one additional option from the All Bhrunai Features table at level 1.
All Bhrunai Features

In addition to the unique feature you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Arcane Affinity Learn two cantrips from the Arcane Source of magic. Use your magic attribute. If you do not have one, use INT.
Bhrunai Expertise Repeatable. You add +6 Skill Points to one skill of your choice with the Crafting* tag.
Environmental Adaptation Whenever you roll a d20 to resist a harmful environmental condition such as extreme heat, cold, or weather, you roll 2d20 and take the higher result.
Fae Step II Fae Step Fae Step becomes 2/Rest. Additionally, when you activate this feature you may immediately teleport up to 15 ft to a place within your line of sight.
Grove-Born Gain +6 Skill Points that you can spend on the following skills. You cannot put more than +4 points into a single skill using this feature.
  • Acrobatics: Balancing, Contorting, Tumbling,
  • Athleticism: Athletics
  • Crafting*: Alchemy, Cobbling, Cooking, Weaving
  • Influence: Persuading
  • Luck: Scavenging
  • Subterfuge: Evading, Lockpicking*, Sleight of Hand
  • Survival: Animal Handling, Forage, Nature, Sheltering, Sneaking
Natural Camouflage While you are outdoors and Concealed, gain +3 on skill checks to remain hidden. You can only use this ability when you have not moved since the beginning of your last turn.
Natural Camouflage II Natural Camouflage I While outdoors and not actively moving, gain your Natural Camouflage bonus.
Natural Camouflage III Natural Camouflage II While outdoors, you gain your Natural Camouflage bonus.
Natural Camouflage IV Natural Camouflage III Repeatable. Gain an additional +3 on skill checks to remain hidden when using Natural Camouflage.
Naturefriend (1/Rest) You can cast the Animal Bond Spell.
Naturefriend II Naturefriend Naturefriend becomes 1/Recoup.
Primal Awareness (1/Rest) By spending one minute, you sense primal power in a 1-mile radius from yourself. Learn whether or not primal magic has been used in the last 7 days, as well as if a creature with the fae tag has been present.
Primal Power Learn two chants from the Primal Source of magic. Use your magic attribute. If you do not have one, use AWR.
Stone Gut Gain Resist Toxic 3.
Stone Gut II Stone Gut, Character Level 10 You are immune to common poisons and diseases, and increase your Resist Toxic number by 3. Furthermore, you can receive nourishment from eating any biological plant or common mineral such as clay, dirt, or stone.
Stone Gut III Stone Gut II Increase your Resist Toxic number by 3.
Stone Sentinel You are immune to magical sleep effects.
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