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Satyrs are somewhat rare humanoids originally hailing from the Everwilds but now long established on Ancerra. Although they generally resemble olive-skinned humans, they bear a number of distinctly goat-like features including hooves, fur-covered legs and waists, tails, ears, and horns. Fur and hair colors have a range that matches human hair and goat fur. Some satyrs also have more unique hair and fur color akin to spring flowers: pastel pinks, greens, or blues. Satyr eyes tend to have brighter complexions than those naturally seen in humans.

With a well-earned reputation for lightheartedness, whimsy, and merriment, satyrs are known for their large personalities and ability to command the rowdiest of crowds. They rarely fear being the center of attention and make for excellent entertainers, performers, and charlatans with their natural abilities to put people at ease.

Satyr Culture

With a culture that draws much from their roots in the Everwilds, particularly the side that borders on the realm of Chaos, satyrs seemingly find every day a holiday in one form or another. Food and drink are shared freely and it is rare for a satyr to accumulate wealth as they genuinely believe any day living is a day worth celebrating. They rarely concern themselves with a lasting legacy beyond the memories shared with friends and family and even satyr funerals can be a joyous occasion.

Satyr Traits

Height: 4’2” - 5’8”

Weight: 80 - 180 lbs

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Aside from their goatlike features, satyrs visually resemble humans.

Lifespan: Satyrs reach maturity around age 16 and naturally live about 100 - 120 years.

Satyr Features

Satyr Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as a satyr.

Feature Description
Ram You may attempt to charge and headbutt an opponent. By spending 3 AP, you may move up to 10 ft and use the Shove maneuver. If you succeed, the target takes 1d4 Blunt damage in addition to being Shoved. This feature can only be used once per turn.
Unique Ability To further define your satyr, choose one option from the All Satyr Features table at level 1.

All Satyr Features

In addition to the unique feature you selected at level 1, you gain one more feature at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Arcane Affinity Learn two cantrips from the Arcane Source of magic. If you do not already know arcane magic, then INT is your magic attribute for these cantrips.
Chaotic Mind When any creature attempts to impose Charmed on you, it must roll 2d20 and use the lower roll.
Dazzling Performance (1/Rest) You may attempt to impress a non-hostile creature through your performance. Make a check using any Performance skill of your choice against one target’s WILL. If you succeed, that target gains the Charmed condition for 1 hour and views you as a friendly acquaintance. After this condition fades they do not know they were Charmed by you.
Dazzling Performance II Dazzling Performance You may now use Dazzling Performance 2/Rest, regaining all expended uses when you Take a Rest.
Dazzling Performance III Dazzling Performance II You may now use Dazzling Performance 3/Rest, regaining all expended uses when you Take a Rest
Even-Toed Ungulate Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Athleticism or Acrobatics tags. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Fae Spirit Gain +6 Skill Points that you can spend on the following skills. You cannot put more than +4 points into a single skill using this feature.

Acrobatics: Balancing, Tumbling

Athleticism: Athletics, Sprinting

Crafting*: Alchemy, Brewing, Cooking, Glassblowing, Woodcarving

Influence: Gossiping, Persuading

Luck: Fortuity

Observation: Eavesdropping

Performance: Dancing, Entertaining, Instrument* [choose one], Savoir Faire

Subterfuge: Sleight of Hand

Great Listener Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Knowledge tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Fast Ram Ram Your Ram ability only costs 2 AP. You can still only use it once per turn.
Life of the Party Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Performance tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Merrymaking Repeatable. Gain +4 Alchemy* and Brewing*.
Primal Power Learn two chants from the Primal source of magic. If you do not already know primal magic, then AWR is your magic attribute for these chants.
Thick Skull Ram Repeatable. Each time you take this feature, increase your Ram damage die by one size (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, etc.), to a maximum of 1d12.


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