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The ancient avadri have vestigial traces of power throughout the known universe. The world of Ancerra is rich with these slivers of power. Sometimes, under rare circumstances, this legacy manifests as a living humanoid entity, something between a magical artifact and a breathing biological person. These are the raedeen — sapient traces of powers long forgotten.

Raedeen are often quiet and contemplative, in constant communion with slivers of avadri tech all around them. All raedeen, regardless of relationship with avadri tech, are driven by the need to protect. Whether that be their friends, a location, or a warped ideal, they remain steadfast due to remnants of a long-forgotten directive. Rarely will a raedeen place their own safety above that of others, and even more their friends.

A marriage between psionic technology and biological flesh, raedeen forms carry immense latent magical powers. They are born to any flesh-and-blood race, but are implanted with the vestiges of avadri technology. Some cultures, such as the elves of the plains, take these features as blessings, as they attune the raedeen to the dormant avadri technology across the planet. Others, however, view them in a more critical light, ostracizing raedeen due to the magical incidents that often happen around their uncontrolled powers. Their sensitivity to magic and excellent perception abilities lend them easily towards tracking or looting roles, but this also makes them incredibly susceptible to strong psionic attacks and psychic manipulation.

Raedeen Culture

Corrupted Raedeen

Corrupted raedeen strive to protect ideologies, individuals, or organizations that are twisted reflections of what avadri once cherished. Creativity, power, and the ability to exert one’s will over the chaos around them always appealed to avadri, so a corrupted raedeen might be drawn to an iron- fisted dictator or a shortsighted pioneer trying to deforest a tract of land. Corrupted raedeen have formed an outlook that, while reminiscent of their avadri ancestry, is actually near the opposite of what their ancestors might have wanted.

Dreamer Raedeen

Long before the first sapient life developed on Ancerra, hyper-advanced avadri fell into eons-long dream cycles where they imagined new realities and contemplated the great philosophies of the universe. Dreamer raedeen follow in the footsteps of these avadri. They excel at problem- solving and manifest psionic abilities that they can use to protect their allies and harry their foes.

Paragon Raedeen

Paragon raedeen hold more nuanced views of power, creativity, and control than their corrupted kin. They seek to exemplify the delicate balance of all three, as the

paragon avadri did in the days of old. For some, this means seeking out authoritarian rulers and punishing them for irresponsible use of power. Other raedeen seek quieter lives, spending their days perfecting beautiful artisanal crafts, songs, or dances.

Raedeen Traits

Height: 6’0" - 7’6”

Weight: 120 - 200 lbs

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 20 ft

Appearance: Raedeen skin varies in a rainbow of colors, but is always marked with geometric areas of metallic iridescence and faint panel-line markings. This might look as subtle as a normal human visage with slight lines on the face and arms. Conversely, the physical tell might be wildly obvious, such as a kettek-like humanoid with horns, blue fur, and metallic plating.

Lifespan: Raedeen have slightly above the average lifespan of a human (roughly 80 – 110 years), regardless of their parent race. This often leads to tragedy if they are born to a longer-lived race such as elves, as they will age and die far sooner and faster than their parents.

Raedeen Features

Raedeen Starting Features

At level 1, you gain the following feature as a raedeen. You also gain additional features based on your sublineage choice.

Feature Description
Psionic Attunement Choose one manifestation of any Aptitude from the Psionic Source. You know that manifestation and it costs 0 SP for you. Use your magic attribute. If you do not have one, use CHA.

As raedeen mature, their forms adapt to best serve the raedeen’s personal quest of protection. Choose one raedeen sublineage: corrupted, dreamer, or paragon. Gain all features of the sublineage at level 1.


As a corrupted raedeen, you gain the following features.

Feature Description
Razor Plating Your raedeen plating is razor sharp. Your dominant hand grows a retractable blade that can be used as a weapon with the stats of a scimitar or shortsword (your choice).
Blood is Fuel (CHA/Recoup) You may spend 1 AP to consume any source of fresh blood other than your own, provided that such a source is within 5 ft of you. (No attack roll is required, but you are limited to targeting corpses, Bloodied creatures, or creatures with the Bleeding condition). Doing so grants you TA on all attacks until the end of your next turn as you are fueled by blood.

As a dreamer raedeen, you gain the following features.

Feature Description
Advanced Analytics Your mechanical mind processes data at an advanced pace. Whenever you make a check to see through magical illusions, gain +4 to the check.
Pierce Soul (2/Rest) Your gaze is enough to shatter even the most steadfast mental defense. Whenever you make an attack roll against a creature targeting one of their mental defenses, you may give yourself +4 to the attack.

As a paragon raedeen, you gain the following features.

Feature Description
Magical Resonance (1/Rest) Your raedeen plating resonates with magical energies. Choose one type of elemental damage. When damage of that type hits you, you may spend 1 Reactive AP to gain Affinity with that damage. You retain this Affinity for 1 minute.
Efficient Biotech Your internal organs operate more efficiently than normal beings, drawing directly from magic to sustain you. You no longer require food or drink to sustain yourself and are immune to food-based diseases. You still need to breathe.

All Raedeen Features

You gain an additional feature at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th level. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Advanced Analytics Dreamer Raedeen, Character Level 10 Gain +3 to Investigating and +3 to Intuiting.
Ancestral Divinity Learn two prayers of your choice from the Divine Source. These prayers count as psionic magic for you, instead of divine. Use your magic attribute. If you do not have one, use CHA.
Ascension Character Level 15 Learn the Angel Wings spell from the Divine Source, but it counts as psionic magic for you. You may cast this spell 1/Rest.
Blood is Fuel II Blood is Fuel, Corrupted Raedeen When using your Blood is Fuel feature, gain an additional +1 to all attack rolls, and gain +1 to all of your defenses, until the end of your next turn.
Calm Appraisal Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Observation tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Devouring Biotech Paragon Raedeen, Character Level 15 (1/Rest) Your biotechnical makeup allows you not only to passively consume ambient magic for nutrients, but steal it from magical attacks directed at you. When an enemy within 10 ft of you casts a spell or activates a magical effect that would damage you and no other targets, you may spend 2 Reactive AP to make a CHA roll against their WILL. On a success, you negate the damage and instead regain 1d6 HP. The creature still loses its AP, but not any associated SP or rechargeable resources.
Eldritch Memory Dreamer Raedeen Gain the ability to recall information with near-perfect accuracy. Whenever you make a check to remember knowledge or images that you have encountered within the past month, gain +4 to the check. On a success, you remember it in perfect detail.
Eldritch Memory II Eidetic Memory, Level 15 Your memory is honed to a fine point. Your Eidetic Memory feature applies to knowledge and images that you have encountered within the past 6 months.
Enveloping Mind Dreamer Raedeen (1/Recoup) Your psionic defenses extend to your allies. Whenever an ally within 10 ft of you is targeted with an attack or spell that would inflict the Dazed or Staggered condition, you may spend 2 Reactive AP to add +2 to their defenses.
Forgotten Knowledge Repeatable. Gain +6 Skill Points to spend on skills with the Knowledge tag. You cannot spend more than +4 points on a single skill in this way.
Magical Resonance II Magical Resonance, Character Level 20 Your Magical Resonance ability becomes 1/Recoup.
Paragon Attunement Paragon Raedeen You are particularly sensitive to certain sources of magic that your body has optimized itself to in your environment. When you succeed a skill check to track, locate, or identify an instance of magic (such as the residue of a fireball, the enchantment of an object, or the abilities of a magical creature), you also learn the source(s) of magic that it draws power from, how long it has been enchanted, and any instances of the Signature cantrip, if applicable.
Paragon Attunement II Paragon Attunement Gain the Paragon Detection ability.
  • Paragon Detection: (1/Rest) You may spend 30 seconds to meditate and immediately identify the location and direction of movement of a specific magical caster you are familiar with, provided that the creature is within 10 miles of you. You only gain this insight for a moment, so you cannot supernaturally track that creature using this ability.
Plated Body Your AR and physical defenses increase by +1 while you are not wearing armor.
Sleek Plating Plated Body Gain the benefits of your Plated Body even while wearing armor.
Spike Plating Corrupted Raedeen Whenever a creature Grapples you or makes an unarmed attack against you, make a CHA attack against that creature’s ANT. This attack costs no AP and you can use it indefinitely. If you hit, that creature takes 1d4 sharp damage. If a creature starts its turn Grappling you, you may make this attack again.
Storm of Daggers Corrupted Raedeen, Character Level 10 You may spend 4 AP to assault your enemies with a storm of blades and spines. Make a CHA attack vs the REF of all hostile creatures within 15 ft of you. On a success, they take 1d8 sharp damage and become Shaken until the end of your next turn.
Tireless Soul You no longer physiologically require sleep. You must still rest your mind, however, to avoid the psychological effects of exhaustion. 4 hours of quiet meditation is sufficient for you to Take a Rest, but you cannot Take a Rest more than once per 24 hours as usual.
Wings of Splendor (1/Rest) By spending 3 AP, you can grant yourself a flying speed equal to your walking speed for the next 10 minutes.
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