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The Legends of MythCraft collection comprises a set of pre-designed adventurers, each developed for play from levels 1 to 30. The collection includes character sheets for specific levels (2, 8, 17, 24, and 30) and outlines the progression of each character at every level. This enables players to use these characters at any desired level.

This collection is designed as a resource for quick gameplay initiation and to illustrate potential character development pathways. Players are encouraged to modify and personalize the Legends according to their preferences, using the Core Rulebook for additional talent options.

Alanakalai “Knack” Eyarie

Star Elf Oracle

Alanákalai “Knack” Eyarie is a star elf who has always just been a bit too lucky. As things tend to just work out in her favor, she became a touch lazy with crafting and learning. This led the other elves to look down on her for not applying herself, and led merchants and such not to trust her, suspicious that she was conning them. She eventually isolated herself in the shallow mountains of Nalathesh to meditate. In so doing, she discovered premonitions of events to come, prompting her out of isolation and into grand adventures.

Avery “Little Shadow” Gray

Human Rogue

When Avery Gray’s parents went missing at sea, they were taken in by their uncle, Thaddius Gray. However, Avery soon discovered that Thaddius had a secret identity as the Silver Shadow, the master of one of several notorious thieves guilds operating out of Falth. Under Thaddius’s tutelage, Avery quickly became known as “Little Shadow,” learning the tricks of the trade and becoming a skilled pickpocket. But Avery soon grew bored with small-time theft and set out on their own at age 17, seeking more lucrative and exciting jobs, and perhaps answers to their parents’ disappearance.

Belozog Mishkova

Urkou Warrior

Belozog’s brother, Cherzonog, was a decorated commander whose mind broke. He slaughtered eleven of his troops while they slept. Cherzonog disappeared, leaving only his soldier’s heads mounted on pikes and a bloody message written in an unknown tongue. Belozog, along with his mother and sister, were outcast and exiled to pay for Cherzonog’s sins. A single bronze locket bracelet with TRAITORS engraved on it is fastened to Belozog’s right wrist. The queen of the Urkou holds the key to this locket. Belozog has set out on a quest to cleanse the family name, seeking to trade his brother’s head for the key to his shame.

Charlie Cobbler

Human Pugilist

Charlie Cobbler grew up a street urchin in Falth, trying to scrape by in a cruel nation. In Falth, you either become a criminal, you pay criminals for protection, or you die. Eventually, Charlie became a recruit of a prominent kingpin named Vance Vonnof. Vance saw great potential in Charlie and gave him jurisdictional control over a couple blocks of Vonnoford. The birth of his son, Jack, and his deep love for his wife, Mary, sparked a newfound desire to break free from the life of crime. When a barrel of ambient magic exploded and rendered his son blind, Charlie’s desire for a new life was cemented. Determined to provide a better future for his family, Charlie sets his sights on escaping the clutches of the criminal world. The path to redemption is fraught with challenges, as breaking free from Vance’s grip is no easy feat. Charlie’s skills and street smarts will be put to the test. Charlie and Avery are good friends and respect each other’s work greatly. Since Avery is one of the few who have “gotten out,” of Falth, Charlie has confided in Avery his desire to do the same - a task which Avery is happy to assist with.


Hondu Zealot

Chauncey was kidnapped when he was just a pup to serve as a living sacrifice in a dark cult. He was saved by his father at the last moment, who was mortally wounded while ensuring Chauncey got to safety. His father took him to a representative of the Order of the Darkscourge, independent paladins who stamp out dangerous cult activity & ideas across Ancerra. He was raised by the order and is now one of its most exemplary members. Chauncey does not know, but as an only pup, he is the subject of a dark prophecy his great grandmother left behind. His identity is protected by The Order of the Darkscourge, but dark forces seek out his identity and blood. Having come of age, his curiosity about his past and family become more persistent in his mind. Chauncey’s friend Dungrel has uncovered this prophecy and interprets it quite differently: Chauncey is not to be sacrificed, but he must sacrifice himself for his blood to be the powerful reagent it is said to be. Dungrel and Chauncey make an interesting pair. Dungrel helps Chauncey understand and root out cultists, while Chauncey’s life holds promise of great power for Dungrel. Neither would admit it, but they are quickly becoming fast friends.

Finneas Alistair Laith

Dragonfolk Mage

Finneas Alistar Laith, a dragonfolk scholar, was raised within the hallowed halls of an ancient Dragonfolk Academy, the Ellamaddox Roost, and mentored by a community of wise and venerable wizards and scholars. As an extremely gifted youth, Finneas gained favor and attention as a prodigy due to his natural ability, but lost it just as quickly in his young adult years due to his laziness and lack of discipline. Eventually his master, famed mage Anwen Rhys, banned him from the halls of the Ellamaddox Roost and demanded he not return until he had “grown up.” Finneas gladly obliged, and insisted he did not plan to return at all. Finneas travels the land learning, writing, and honing his mastery of the Arcane on his own. He prefers ale and brothels to jobs, but takes them nonetheless as long as there is promise of coin or an interesting magical artifact.


Undead Ranger

“Grim” woke up about 11 years ago in an unmarked barrow outside Meadowbrook along with a few scores of undead. While many set up residence in the barrows, Grim, so named for his constantly stern and uninviting personality, found a call from within to roam far and wide. He was taken under the wing of a famous monster hunter, Reginald Two-Hands, when he sprang into action to help a small hamlet under attack by a wendigo. Despite saving several townspeople, he was poorly received and treated with disgust, which infuriated Reginald. He was a quick study, and broke out on his own after learning the trade. Now Grim is a wanderer and monster hunter - more at home in the wilderness than amongst civilization - holding a love for nature and living things despite his own undead nature. Ingrid Divrgubben is Grim’s closest friend - and Grim would trust no one else when he needs to commission a special tool or trap.

Hanniah Sharptooth

Kleppin Berzerker

Hanniah Sharptooth had an unnatural connection to the darkness from a young age, often hearing whispers and seeing movement in the shadows. Her family took her to a practicing occultist to help her, but during a dark ritual, the witch who was tasked with her care suddenly burst into pieces. A dark spirit entered Hanniah and manifested itself through strange runic markings on her arms and shoulders. When Hanniah emerged from the tent, her eyes glowing red, covered in viscera and bits of bone, her parents panicked and abandoned her. Over the years, Hanniah has learned to coexist with the dark spirit inside of her, and people rarely explode around her now. She loves nothing more than battle and bloodshed, a desire she needs to fulfill often to keep the spirit inside her sated. Hanniah has traveled with Dungrel Razevow, who was very interested in her condition. Dungrel insists she is just fine, and that there is but a hint of Primal magic in her essence, and there’s nothing to worry about… albeit he has no explanation for the “red eyes thing.”

Lyla Greoghal

Kettek Witch

Lyla felt the call of the wild and retreated to the heart of a deep, ancient wood at a very young age. She appeared at the doorstep of a coven who had foreseen her arrival for years. She lived a very happy life in the woods with her sisters for years, delving into primal secrets, herbalism, and alchemy. Around the age of 30, an elf appeared in her dreams - Knack - and they quickly became closer and closer and spent more of their dreamstate time together. After a few months, they realized they were in love. Moved by the powerful connection she shared with Knack, Lyla made the difficult decision to leave her beloved grove and venture into the world beyond. With her heart filled with love and an insatiable curiosity about the wonders that awaited, she bid farewell to her sisters and set forth on a grand adventure with her newfound companion.

Marcus Luxxor

Human Cleric

The Luxxor family is an old and storied noble family from the arid kingdom of Nalathesh. Marcus left this life behind to seek adventure and travel the world. Abandoning his title and family, but not his god, Marcus now seeks glory and honor and to make his own name in the world. He often explores in the company of folk who do not share his moral scruples, and he has been known to attempt rehabilitating the behavior of such companions.


  • Legends of MythCraft vol 1 was released as a part of the first Kickstarter and included the first 10 iconic legends.