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The Fundamental Wellspring, having created both magic and matter, is also responsible for the creation of the planes of existence. The Everwilds are a particularly chaotic soup of energy gone wild. As the archfae came about, they encouraged the chaos, fanning the flames of magical power in the Everwilds to run absolutely amok. It has self- perpetuated itself and diffused over that particular plane of existence to the point where it is its own self-contained, self-propagating source of magic: the Primal Source.

The Everwilds

The Everwilds is a plane of existence that was created by the coalescence of ambient arcane magic. Because it has diffused and stabilized over many thousands of years, the Primal Source is safer to access than tapping into the Arcane Source directly. Conversely, the Primal Source has fewer applications than the Arcane Source.

The Everwilds are known for wildly dramatic weather patterns, nature runs absolutely rampant, and the whimsical and malevolent Archfae who make their home in this plane (basic information on the Archfae can be found in the Divine Source). A couple of the most notable groups that practice Primal magic are noted below.

The Storm Conclave

The Storm Conclave are vengeful naturalists trying to burn down society and return everyone to hunter-gatherer lifestyles, the way that they believe nature intended. They especially target international trading groups or popular routes utilized by intercity merchants, trying to destabilize the veins of modern living and return the world to its days of glory.

The Haven Conclave

The Haven Conclave are guides and sentinels. Their cloisters offer shelter and solace from the storm. Their rangers and oracles stand on the edges of the more depraved elements of wilderness, defending innocent humanoids and beasts alike from unnatural threats. Others might offer their services as guides to merchants or adventuring parties struggling to navigate a fearsome land.

Primal Magic Types

In addition to spells, primal casters can learn chants and invocations.

Chant. Chants cost no SP and you can use them as many times as you wish.

Invocation. If you know any invocations, you may cast invocations a number of times equal to your Primal Tier. This resets each time you Take a Rest.

Primal Tags

These tags are referenced by some primal magic abilities.

Emotion, Nature, and Weather

These are a set of three tags that reflect the aspect of the Everwilds that a given magical ability represents. Every primal magical ability has one of these tags. This has no effect on the magical ability itself, but some talents reference these tags.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic

These tags reflect whether a magical ability affects the world around you or simply bolsters your own abilities in some way. Every primal magical ability has one of these tags. This has no effect on the ability itself, but some talents will reference these tags.

Primal Power

Your Primal Power is the total number of talent points you have spent on primal talents as a result of leveling up. Some classes or class stacks also grant you Primal Power; each class or stack will specify this.

Primal Tier

Your Primal Tier increases at varying increments of Primal Power, as shown on the table below.

Primal Power Primal Tier
1-2 1
3-4 2
5-7 3
8-12 4
13-20 5
21+ 6

Your Primal Tier affects both your chants and your invocations. Chants gain power based on your Primal Tier, and if you know any invocations, then you may cast a number of invocations per day equal to your Primal Tier.