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Occupation Tags: Religious, Militant

Even the gods have enemies and they entrust their most devoted and zealous followers to protecting their interests in the mortal realm. Twisted fiends, undead abominations, and heretical cults are just a few of the enemies you root out and destroy, wherever they might hide. Your faith guides you in the endless battle against evil where you struggle to make the world just a little bit safer.

Starting Equipment

If you take this profession when you create your character, gain the following gear, in addition to the equipment you gained based on your background: traveler’s pack, scale mail, clothes (fine), clothes (simple), signet ring, writ of religious authority, mess kit, rations (3), waterskin, manacles.


Each time you gain a rank in the inquisitor profession (including rank 1), gain +3 Investigating, and +1 in three different skills of your choice from below:

Athleticism: Applied Force, Athletics, Sprinting

Crafting*: Alchemy, Smithing, Woodcarving

Influence: Deceiving, Intimidating, Persuading

Knowledge: Arcana, Chemistry, History, Medicine*, Religion [choose one]

Luck: Fortuity

Observation: Eavesdropping, Intuiting, Investigating, Perceiving

Stamina: Distance Running, Forced March

Subterfuge: Disguising*, Evading, Lockpicking*

Survival: Dungeoneering, Sneaking, Tracking


When you become a rank 1 inquisitor, and every time you gain a rank in the inquisitor profession, your ability to hunt down dark magic users improves.

Rank 1

Spending a week in any settlement allows you to locate one hidden cult, dark ritual, or forbidden magic user if they are present at that time. If located, they can be reported to the authorities of your religion who may request your assistance in eradicating them.

Rank 2

When in a friendly medium to large settlement in which your religion has a presence, you may work as a grave-watcher in the local cemetery. This work involves protecting the consecrated grounds from tampering or theft and in dispatching minor undead creatures that tend to frequent those areas. Performing this work earns you 2d10+20 sc per week.

Rank 3

You may now perform your rank 1 Witchfinder feature in just three days’ time. Furthermore, you may take into your service one of the retinue members from the Inquisitor Retinue list below. This person will travel with and protect you, taking their combat initiative immediately after yours. Each option can be chosen only once.

Rank 4

Your grave-watcher service now earns you 4d10+40 sc per week. You may take an additional retinue member from the Inquisitor Retinue list. Each option can be chosen only once.

Rank 5

You are considered a Witchfinder General and may call upon the services of your religion in the pursuit of eradicating evil. Once per month after locating a heretical cult, dark ritual, or forbidden magic user using your rank 1 feature, you may form an inquisition that produces 2d20+10 faithful militants of NPC rank 2 or lower who will assist you in the task in destroying this evil. They will follow your reasonable and lawful commands for one day. However, they will not travel farther than 30 miles from their home settlement. You may take a third retinue member into your service from the Inquisitor Retinue list.

Inquisitor Retinue List

When you take an NPC into your Retinue, choose from the following options.

NPC Description
Courtier Monster Level 2. This minor noble can attempt to gain you an audience with any NPC with 4 or fewer professional ranks with the aristocrat, mercantile, or military occupations.
Demonologist Monster Level 2. This researcher is not equipped for combat but is highly skilled in uncovering information about demons and cults.
Physician Monster Level 2. This medical specialist is not equipped for combat but grants you significant medical assistance.
Rogue Monster Level 3. This criminal has agreed to serve you in exchange for a commuted prison sentence.
Veteran Soldier Monster Level 3. This experienced soldier is battle-ready and eager to fight on your behalf.
War Priest Monster Level 3. This war priest shares your religion and is able to cast minor spells from the Divine Source.
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