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Occupation Tag: Underworld

You use your agility and cunning to steal from the wealthy and powerful. You might be a pickpocket, an opportunist, or a brute that holds people up. Regardless, you always have an eye out for the next big score, and you’re not above using violence if it means getting what you want. You thrive in the shadows, slipping in and out of buildings and alleyways undetected, and relish the excitement of pitting your skills against those of your marks.

Starting Equipment

If you take this profession when you create your character, you gain the following gear, in addition to the equipment you gained based on your background: 4 daggers or knives, pocketed cloak, 3 belt pouches, brigandine armor, 1 tool or kit, hooded lantern, flask of oil, tinderbox, clothes (simple), rations (2), 50 ft rope, crowbar, waterskin


Each time you gain a rank in the thief profession (including rank 1), gain +3 Evading, and +1 in three different skills of your choice from below:

  • Acrobatics: Balancing, Contorting, Tumbling
  • Athleticism: Athletics, Sprinting
  • Crafting*: Jeweling, Painting, Pottery, Weaving, Woodcarving
  • Influence: Deceiving, Empathy, Gossiping, Intimidating
  • Knowledge: Art, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Politics of [choose region]
  • Luck: Fortuity
  • Observation: Appraising, Eavesdropping, Intuiting, Investigating, Perceiving
  • Performance: Entertaining, Savoir Faire
  • Stamina: Distance Running, Swimming
  • Subterfuge: Disguising*, Forging*, Lockpicking*, Sleight of Hand
  • Survival: Dungeoneering, Sneaking

Second Story Work

When you become a rank 1 thief, and every time you gain a rank in the thief profession, you improve your ability to sneak and steal without getting caught.

Rank 1

Given one day of thieving in any medium or large sized settlement, you earn 2d10 sc with a 10% chance of being discovered by the local authorities. For each day spent thieving in a given month, you gain an additional 10% chance of getting discovered, which accumulates for each day spent performing this action (two days leads to a 20% chance, three days to a 30% chance, etc.) with no upper limit to the likelihood of getting discovered.

If discovered, you gain -1 community goodwill and the local authorities immediately know your description and will seek you out for arrest or recompense.

Rank 2

Your thieving now earns you 4d10 sc per day. Additionally, given one day, you are able to find sympathetic criminals in any medium or large settlement. These criminals will direct you to inns and taverns that will always serve you, regardless of goodwill, and will never report you to the authorities. Some of these institutions might offer food and lodgings for free in exchange for your services.

Rank 3

Your thieving now earns you 8d10 sc per day. Your chance of discovery can never rise above 40%. You are now able to locate the dominant thieves’ guild in any medium or large settlement. Once per week this guild will offer you a specialty task that earns your thieving income x2 with a set 20% chance of discovery. The guild will always offer you safe lodging and mercantile services, regardless of goodwill.

Rank 4

Your thieving now earns you 16d10 sc per day. The thieves’ guild of your home region now considers you a member and gives you access to passages across any settlement. When using these passages, you will never run into any authorities. If there is a bounty on your head, you may pay your guild 75% of the bounty’s cost and they will make the bounty disappear.

Rank 5

Your thieving income is now 20d10+200 sc per day. Your cumulative chance of discovery can never rise above 20%. If there is a bounty on your head, you may pay your guild 50% of the bounty’s cost and they will make the bounty disappear.

Additionally, once per week you may recruit up to three thieves in any settlement. These thieves will not travel with you but will increase your Subterfuge tag skill checks by +3 per thief for one day after being hired.

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