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Occupation Tag: Aristocratic, Mercantile

You are a master of creating beauty and inspiring emotion through your art. You bring your imagination to life through paintings, sculptures, music, or any other medium that suits your fancy, captivating your audience with your unique vision and style. Whether you are creating grand masterpieces for kings and queens, or intimate works that speak to the hearts of the common folk, you are driven by a passion for art and a desire to leave a lasting legacy of beauty and inspiration in the world.

Starting Equipment

If you take this profession when you create your character, gain the following gear, in addition to the equipment you gained based on your background: backpack, gambeson armor, 1 tool or kit, clothes (fine), instruments (2), makeup (2), costumes/disguises (2), props such as juggling balls or a book of songs.


Each time you gain a rank in the entertainer profession (including rank 1), gain +3 Entertaining, and +1 in three different skills of your choice from below:

Crafting*: Alchemy, Brewing, Calligraphy, Carpentry, Cartography, Cobbling, Cooking, Glassblowing, Jeweling, Leatherworking, Masonry, Painting, Pottery, Smithing, Weaving, Woodcarving

Influence: Gossiping, Persuading

Knowledge: Art, Geography, History, Politics of [choose region], Religion [choose one]

Observation: Appraising, Intuiting, Perceiving

Performance: Dancing, Entertaining, Instrument* [choose one], Savoir Faire

Subterfuge: Disguising*, Forging*

Developing Talent

When you become a rank 1 entertainer you learn how to leverage your natural talents and can now use artistic skills to generate income. When you first take the entertainer profession, choose whether you are an artist or a performer. Gain the benefits of that specific professional track at ranks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of this profession.

Ranks 1-5

Rank 1 You are proficient in one artistic medium of your choice, choosing from a Crafting* skill. Gain +3 in this skill. Every week you may create one art piece to sell that earns you 1d10+20 sc.
Rank 2 You may choose a second artistic medium and gain an additional +3 when using that skill, and whenever you sell art you now earn 2d10+30 sc. Additionally, given one hour in a friendly city you can locate an artist’s commune that will house you for free for up to one week.
Rank 3 Your abilities as an artist blossom and you now gain an additional +3 to checks made with either skill chosen at rank 1 and 2 of this profession. Selling an art piece now generates 4d10+60 sc.
Rank 4 One of the mediums chosen at rank 1 or 2 of this profession becomes your specialty and you now gain an additional +3 to any check using that skill. Selling an art piece now generates 10d10+50 sc.
Rank 5 You are considered an artistic master of the medium chosen at rank 4 of this profession. You maximize your bonus to this skill (it becomes a +20). Selling an art piece now generates 20d10+100 sc.

Once in your lifetime, you may pour your heart and soul into a single work of art that is of legendary quality and can be sold for 2d10+200 dc (diamond coins). This piece takes 4 weeks of work to complete.ddd

Rank 1 You are proficient in one form of physical expression of your choice, choosing from Dancing, Entertaining, Instrument* [choose one], Contorting, or Tumbling. Gain +3 in this skill. You may perform once per week in a local inn, tavern, or public space to earn 1d10+5 sc, in addition to free room and board.
Rank 2 You may choose a second skill of physical expression and now gain +3 to any check using that skill. Your performances now earn you 2d10+10 sc per week, in addition to free room and board.
Rank 3 Your performance has caught the attention of a sponsor who offers to support and represent you. Your performances now earn you 4d10+20 sc per week. Your budding reputation also allows your sponsor to petition for invitations to any event hosted by an NPC with the aristocratic or mercantile background with a 50% chance of success.
Rank 4 Your reputation spreads and the citizenry has become enthralled by your performances. Every week spent performing now earns you 8d10+40 sc and increases your goodwill by +1. Your chance of petitioning an invitation successfully increases to 75%, and there is a small chance that invitations to such events are sent directly to you (this will be determined by your MC). You now gain +3 to any check using the skills chosen at ranks 1 and 2 of this profession.
Rank 5 You are considered a celebrity in friendly settlements of your home region. Your reputation allows you to attend any event organized by NPCs with an aristocratic or mercantile occupation. Every day you spend in a friendly settlement increases the likelihood you receive a direct invitation to such an event. Furthermore, as one of the most famous performers in the world, you can secure an audience with individuals of great influence. Any NPC with the equivalent of 4 or fewer ranks in any occupation will make time to meet with you within 2 hours of your request.

Your performances now earn you 10d10+50 sc per week. Additionally, once per month you may design and perform a special performance that leaves audiences in awe. You immediately gain +5 goodwill in the settlement in which you perform and all NPCs that are monster rank 5 or lower who are in attendance are Charmed by you for one week.

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