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Occupation Tag: Mercantile

You are constantly on the move, traveling from town to town and village to village in search of new markets and opportunities. With a keen eye for profit and a talent for negotiation, you buy low and sell high, always seeking out the best deals and the most valuable merchandise to trade. Whether you are trading in exotic spices, rare herbs, precious gems, or any other commodity that you can get your hands on, you are always seeking to turn a profit and to grow your wealth and influence in the world.

Starting Equipment

If you take this profession when you create your character, you gain the following gear, in addition to the equipment you gained based on your background: traveler's pack, hanging lantern rod, gambeson armor, 1 tool or kit, clothes (fine), blanket, bedroll, folding chair, scales, various pouches and bottles, magnifying lens, bolt of fabric (silk), spices (exotic).


Each time you gain a rank in the trader profession (including rank 1), gain +3 Savoir Faire, and +1 in three different skills of your choice from below:

  • Crafting*: Alchemy, Brewing, Calligraphy, Carpentry, Cartography, Cobbling, Cooking, Glassblowing, Jeweling, Leatherworking, Masonry, Painting, Pottery, Smithing, Weaving, Woodcarving
  • Influence: Deceiving, Empathy, Gossiping, Persuading
  • Knowledge: Art, Economics, History, Law, Medicine*, Politics of [choose region], Vehicles* [land], Vehicles* [water]
  • Observation: Appraising, Intuiting, Perceiving
  • Survival: Animal Handling


When you become a rank 1 trader, and every time you gain a rank in the Trader Profession, you can sell wares, resupply your stock, and expand your wealth and mercantile influence.

Rank 1

Given one week of business dealings in a marketplace, you increase your profitability through skillful trade. You earn 2d10+20 sc each time you do this.

Rank 2

Given one week of business dealings in a marketplace, you increase your profitability through skillful trade. You earn 4d10+20 sc each time you do this, and you gain one tool or kit of your choice, which you may sell for 20 additional sc or keep for your own uses.

Rank 3

In addition to your rank 2 benefits, you gain the entrepreneurial capacity to open satellite trading stalls under your personal brand. Pick three marketplaces that you have been to before: whenever you return to those marketplaces, you get food and lodging for free. Additionally, you only need three days of trade in those marketplaces to gain your rank 2 trader benefit.

Rank 4

You can apply your rank 3 benefit to any new marketplace that you travel to, provided that you spend at least one full week trading and establishing business connections in the new marketplace.

Additionally, your rank 2 benefits increase to 8d10+80 sc and three tools or kits of your choice.

Rank 5

Your reputation allows you to quickly ingratiate yourself into new marketplaces. You only need one day, rather than one week, to gain your rank 3 benefits in a new marketplace.

Additionally, your rank 4 benefits increase to 15d10+150 sc and five tools or kits of your choice.

Furthermore, as one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the world, you can secure an audience with most individuals of great influence. Any NPC with the equivalent of 4 or fewer ranks in any occupation will make time to meet with you within 24 hours of your request.

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