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New to TTRPS

New to MythCraft

So what do I get at each level?

Level 1: Follow the Character Creation Progression

  • Step 1: Pick your Lineage!: From your Lineage you will get your base speed and starting features. Each lineage will specify if you get specific features or can choose them from the lineage table.
  • Step 2: Assign Attribute Points: Your Attribute Points should total 5 at level 1. These can be split however you see fit for your PC. At this level no one attribute can be above 2.
  • Step 3: Note your Stats: Use the Hit Point Chart or this HP Calculator to determine your HP at level 1. Also write down all your defense stats. These are 10 + the applicable attribute.
  • Step 4: Choose your BOP: By choosing your Background and Profession you get your Starting Gear, Skill Points, Profession Gear, and Profession Feature.
  • Step 5: Choose your Starting Talent: You can choose one talent that has no pre-requisite. Most common are found in the Specialization Talents page or the Magic Entry Talents.

Level 2: Gain 1 Talent, 1 Attribute Point, and HP

  • Most commonly this is where players choose their Class Entry Talent, but you don't have to! You can stay classless and pick either one Specialization or Magic Entry Talent!
  • Add your Attribute Point. Remember there is a cap at this level that no one attribute can be above 2.*
  • Add 1 HP for your level and then add additional HP based off the chart or roll. The only exception is if you take a talent that allows you extra HP (Like Hardy!)

Leveling 3-30

Every Level

At every level you gain 1 Talent, 1 Attribute Point, and HP.

  • Attributes are always capped at 1/2(level)+1 rounded up.* So for Levels 1 + 2 you are capped at 2, Levels 3 + 4 you are capped at 3, etc. At each level you are also allowed to move around an attribute point. For example when leveling to Level 3, if you have 1 STR and 2 END, you can add your 1 Attribute point to STR to make it 2 STR and 2 END and then also move one point to go to 3 STR and 1 END.
  • For Talents lots of players will focus on a particular class track for their build, but this is not required! You can dip into as many classes as you want and take a wide variety of talent. You can even go completely classless! Just make sure to check for pre-requisites and incompatibilities while choosing a Talent each level.
  • HP should always equal 10 + (Level)d(X) + Level or 10 + (Level)(Set HP) + Level depending on if you want to roll or take the Set HP. Exceptions to this formula only come from certain talents and features that allow you to have higher HP. At different levels of the Endurance Score you can recalculate your HP as this increases your HP Die Size or Set HP amount. Need to double check? Use the HP Calculator

Lineage Features

At levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 29 you additionally gain another lineage feature. Again, make sure to check pre-requisites and incompatibilities before choosing!

BOP Leveling

BOPs level up approximately every 6 levels, however this is completely up to your MC to determine based off what has happened in your game. Your MC may also give you a brand new Profession based off in game actions.

Important Notes

  • If a pre-requisite says Character Level 15, this means the earliest you can take it is when you hit level 15.
  • If a pre-requisite is "A, B" it means you need both. If it is "A or B" you only need one.
  • *There are some Talents that let you break the Attribute Cap rule.