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The Eight Attributes

Each of the attributes, and what they represent, are explained below. Each attribute is referred to with an abbreviation, listed in parentheses after the attribute.

Physical Attributes

Attribute Description
Strength (STR) Lifting, pulling, dragging, and undergoing strenuous exertion. This is the attribute that demonstrates your sheer muscle.
Dexterity (DEX) Nimbleness, good reflexes, maintaining balance, and motor function under duress. This is the attribute that allows you to be lighter on your feet.
Endurance (END) Withstanding harsh external conditions and enduring long-term physical strain. This attribute also directly affects how many HP you get (see Hit Points below).

Mental Attributes

Attribute Description
Awareness (AWR) Picking up on sensory details that warn of danger, deceit, and the like. This is the attribute that measures your skill at observing and interpreting the world around you.
Intellect (INT) Wealth of knowledge; your capacity to quickly consume and accurately retain information. This attribute determines how good you are at processing information and recalling it accurately when needed.
Charisma (CHA) Projecting your desires, your confidence, and your force of will to your advantage. This attribute reflects your personal magnetism and your ability to sway people to your views.

Metaphysical Attributes

Attribute Description
Luck (LUCK) Having things go your way even when they shouldn’t. This attribute sways fate in your favor and grants you a special ability: You may reroll 1d20 that you rolled if you are unsatisfied with the result. You may use this ability once for every 2 points of LUCK that you have, regaining all expended uses upon Taking a Rest. If your LUCK is lower than 0, you can never crit, and you subtract your LUCK from every d20 roll that you make. If you have 1 or more LUCK, your crits become stronger. Add your LUCK score to critical damage that you deal. Furthermore, if you have 6 or more LUCK, your crit range increases by 1 (e.g., from 20 to 19-20), and if you have 12 LUCK, your crit range increases by 1 more. Your crit range can never exceed 16-20.
Coordination (COR) Your overall ability, both physically and mentally, to process information and act upon it. This is neither DEX (physical) nor AWR (mental), but a separate mechanism by which the game tracks your capacity to act. For every 2 points of COR that you have, you gain 1additional AP at the beginning of your turn If you have -1 or -2 COR, you lose 1 AP at the beginning of your turn. If you have -3 COR, you lose 2 AP at the beginning of your turn.