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This section contains lists of gear, instruments, tools, and kits. Specific information about how to use tools and kits is provided after the Tools and Kits table. In all of these charts, costs are provided in sc.


Item Cost
Chicken 2
Cow 23
Goat 12
Horse 50
Horse (Draft) 80
Horse (War) 150
Hound 15
Hound (Trained) 25
Ox 60
Pig 20
Sheep 10
Turtle (Draft) 520

Camping Equipment

Item Cost
Bedroll 2
Flint& Steel 2
Tent (large) 60
Tent (pavilion) 200
Tent (small) 15
Tinderbox 3
Rope (50 ft) 5
Shovel 5

Crafting Equipment

Item Cost
Anvil- Unwieldy 67
Hammer 3
Loom- Unwieldy 150
Pottery Wheel- Unwieldy 100
Saw 3
Tanning Rack- Unwieldy 70
Telescope- Unwieldy 2000

Household Equipment

Item Cost
Blanket 1
Comb 1
Cooking Pot 3
Embroidered Handkerchief 5
Engraved Flask 15
Ink & Quill 10
Lantern 5
Oil (Flask) 1
Parchment 1
Scroll Case 5
Snuffbox 5
Utensils 2

Scientific Equipment

Item Cost
Item Cost
Glass Bottle 2
Glass Vial 1
Hourglass 25
Magnifying Glass 15
Scale 20
Sextant 10
Sundial 15

Security Equipment

Item Cost
Caltrops 5
Chain (10 ft) 20
Chain (Heavy, 10 ft)- Unwieldy 40
Crowbar 8
Lock (Good) 50
Lock (Exquisite) 100
Lock (Simple) 10
Lockpick 10
Manacles 15
Wire (50 ft) 3

Survival Equipment

Item Cost
Ammunition x10 1
Backpack 10
Bear Trap 10
Chalk 1
Compass 20
Fishing Net 5
Fishing Rod 3
Grappling Hook 15
Horn 5
Map 5
Pitons (10) 5
Rope Ladder (10 ft) 10
Snares 3
Spyglass 100
Tackle 2
Torch 1
Waterskin 2
Whistle 1

Traveling Equipment

Item Cost
Cargo Bags 100
Cargo Bags (Hidden Pockets) 120
Saddle (Combat) 50
Saddle (Riding) 30
Saddlebags 20

Recreational Gear

Game Sets

Item Cost
Battle Chess 3
Card Deck 25


Item Cost
Bagpipes 50
Brass Horn 15
Cello- Unwieldy 120
Drum 25
Dulcimer 50
Flute 15
Harp- Unwieldy 100
Lute 35
Lyre 30
Ocarina 20
Panpipes 15
Tambourine 10
Trumpet 45
Violin 60

Siege Equipment

Armies might implement one or more of these items when they lay siege to an enemy city.

Item Cost
Ballista 4000
Battering Ram 1000
Catapult 5000
Trebuchet 9000
Siege Tower 8000
Watch Tower (Stone) 25,000
Watch Tower (Wood) 6000

Stationary Gear

The gear in this table is beyond Unwieldy and cannot be moved by a single person.

Item Cost
Blast Furnace 800
Brewing Equipment 500
Distilling Equipment 600
Fermenting Equipment 450
Furnace 500
Kiln 400
Millstone 200
Tanning Rack 70
Workbench and Woodworking Gear 50

Tools & Kits

Item Cost
Alchemist Tools 75
Barber Kit 5
Blacksmith Tools 60
Bowyer Tools 60
Brewer Supplies 35
Camping Kit 12
Carpenter Tools 40
Cartographer Tools 55
Cook Utensils 15
Climber Kit 30
Fishing Kit 20
Fletching Tools 55
Jeweler Tools 70
Leatherworking Tools 45
Locksmith Tools 45
Mason Tools 45
Medical Kit 60
Navigator Tools 60
Paint Supplies 25
Scribe Tools 25
Skullduggery Kit 40
Surgeon Tools 50
Tinker Tools 50
Trapper Kit 20
Traveler's Pack 30
Weaver Tools 20
Woodworking Tools 45

Alchemist tools

A set of beakers, flasks, burners, mortars and pestles, stirring rods, funnels, and other lab gear for mixing, distilling, and preparing potions, elixirs, and other alchemical tinctures.

Barber Kit

A set of scissors, combs, razors, and shaving cream for maintaining and styling hair, as well as performing basic grooming tasks.

Blacksmith Tools

A comprehensive set that includes hammers, tongs, anvils, bellows, chisels, and files, essential for forging, shaping, and repairing metal objects such as weapons, armor, and tools.

Bower Tools

A collection of knives, scrapers, planes, and tillering sticks for crafting and repairing bows and crossbows, along with bowstrings and serving jigs for string maintenance.

Brewer Supplies

A collection of fermenting vessels, siphons, hydrometers, thermometers, bottling equipment, and cleaning tools for brewing various beverages, including beer, wine, and mead.

Camping Kit

A collection of camping essentials such as a bedroll, tent, cooking pot, and utensils for preparing and consuming meals during outdoor adventures.

Carpenter Tools

A well-rounded collection of saws, chisels, planes, measuring tools, clamps, and wood glue for cutting, shaping, and assembling wooden objects like furniture, structures, and decorative pieces.

Cartographer Tools

A specialized set that includes drafting compasses, protractors, rulers, parchment, ink, and charcoal for creating accurate maps and charting new territories.

Cooks Utensils

A collection of pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, spoons, and other kitchen tools for preparing and cooking a variety of meals.

Climber Kit

A collection of climbing gear, including pitons, carabiners, rope, harnesses, and chalk for securing grip, enabling adventurers to scale cliffs, walls, and other vertical surfaces.

Fishing Kit

A complete set of fishing gear, including rods, reels, hooks, lines, sinkers, and bait for catching aquatic creatures.

Fletching Tools

A set of precise cutting tools, fletching jigs, glues, and feathers for creating, repairing, and maintaining arrows and bolts.

Jeweler Tools

A delicate set of pliers, tweezers, files, saws, engraving tools, and a jeweler’s loupe for crafting, repairing, and appraising fine jewelry, and gemstones.

Leatherworking Tools

A set of awls, punches, knives, needles, thread, and leather dyes for cutting, shaping, and sewing leather goods such as armor, bags, and belts.

Locksmith Tools

A collection of picks, tension wrenches, rakes, tweezers, and plug spinners for manipulating locks, opening them without keys, and even repairing or modifying locking mechanisms.

Mason Tools

A specialized set of trowels, chisels, hammers, plumb bobs, levels, and string lines, designed for working with stone and brick to create walls, buildings, and sculptures.

Medical Kit

An assortment of devices used to treat injuries, including a small scalpel, 10 bandages, 10 charges of basic medicine, and 1 healing vial.

Navigator Tools

A collection of maps, compasses, sextants, astrolabes, chronometers, and logbooks for charting courses, determining position, and navigating on land or sea.

Paint Supplies

A collection of brushes, palette knives, easels, palettes, and a variety of pigments for creating works of art on canvas, wood, or other surfaces.

Scribe Tools

A set of quills, ink pots, inkwells, parchment, sealing wax, and a penknife for writing, copying, and preserving documents and scrolls.

Surgeon Tools

A sterilized set of scalpels, forceps, sutures, bone saws, and other medical instruments for performing surgeries, treating wounds, and providing first aid.

Skullduggery Kit

A discrete set of thieves tools such as lockpicks, files, pliers, a magnifying glass, a variety of inks, pigments, parchments, makeup, and other basic tools designed to assist in subterfuge and deception.

Tinker Tools

A set of pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, files, and other small tools for repairing, modifying, and creating mechanical devices and gadgets.

Trapper Kit

A set of traps, snares, bait, and other equipment for capturing and holding animals, as well as tools for skinning and butchering the catch.

Traveler's Pack

A collection of useful items for long journeys, such as a bedroll, blanket, spare clothing, and a waterproof bag to keep belongings safe and dry. Doubles as a bag itself.

Weaver Tools

A collection of looms, shuttles, bobbins, and spindles for weaving cloth and creating textiles.

Woodworking Tools

A set of hand saws, planes, chisels, gouges, and sandpaper for shaping, carving, and smoothing wooden items and structures.

Trinket Table

d100 d100
1 A chip of obsidian that seems to draw in ambient light 2 A leather cord necklace with a trophy from the first foe you fought (such as a tooth, claw, or horn)
3 Ring with your family crest or the crest of your local political leader 4 Coin-sized seed that holds sentimental value or needs specific planting conditions
5 Small but high-quality instrument gifted to you by a close friend, family member, or musical teacher 6 Dreamcatcher made from leather or cord and decorated with common but beautiful clay beads
7 Journal of personal reflections, including frequent petty complaints about mentors or fairweather friends 8 Clockwork fidget cube
9 Strand of jewelry that used to be woven into your parent’s beard or hair 10 Brooch of status that belonged to a parent or mentor
11 Bracelet with a locket that has a descriptive word on it, such as “hero” or “traitor” 12 Banner, insignia, or pin denoting the status of a childhood best friend who has been missing for years
13 A loop of colorful string, which you use to make string art when bored or looking to entertain an audience 14 A chunk of crystalline quartz that is always warm to the touch
15 Small book of codes to live by, given to you by a religious order, primal conclave, or similar institution 16 Well-worn ball that you used to play with in your childhood
17 Sheet of parchment with an impossible geometric design scrawled on it in dark ink 18 Mote of lava that is somehow contained inside a glass bead and is cool to the touch
19 A pouch of sand that is always just damp enough to hold its own form 20 Scroll of sheet music missing the final chorus
21 Tarot card with your likeness 22 Stick of incense that never seems to get smaller when burned
23 Letter opener with a handle shaped like your favorite animal 24 Small wooden mug that looks cracked but never leaks
25 Locket with a professional sketch of a dear family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child, best friend, etc) 26 Sentimental piercing jewelry that you think might give you good luck
27 Brass pin of goat horns 28 Letter of recommendation to a prestigious institution
29 Brass pin of filigree that resembles a certain lineage (goat horns for a satyr, flames for an elemental, etc) 30 Choose a weapon that you possess as part of this trinket; it has personal calligraphic inscriptions etched along its length
31 Leather cord with semiprecious stone pendant 32 Letter from your mentor that poses a philosophical question or a call to action; either way it is unresolved
33 Clockwork toy that seems to work on its own at random times 34 Fossilized acorn with a strange rune on it
35 An ornate music box with exquisite clockwork 36 Glass eyeball that your grandparent once used
37 Braided leather cord that you made as a child with a parent or mentor, decorated with painted clay beads 38 A nugget of amber that magically glows from within
39 A set of three six-sided dice with indecipherable glyphs on them 40 A small bone with a fossilized sprig of vegetation growing out of it
41 Well-worn stuffed doll from your childhood 42 Miniature bird cage without a door
43 Tattoo you can peel off and stick elsewhere on your body 44 Carved wooden bird that chirps when you Recoup
45 Miniature wagon wheel 46 Iridescent feather that flies around you on its own
47 Beautiful leaf encased in resin, forever frozen with both green and gold as it was changing from summer to fall coloration 48 Hairpin with a tiny ruby at its tip
49 Hair clip with silver filigree resembling butterflies and moths 50 Locket containing a clipping of hair from your youth
51 Twig that always has a dewy spiderweb between its tips 52 A smooth glass vial with no opening and strange liquid inside
53 Large clamshell with scrimshaw decorations inside 54 Wooden plaque with some form of memorial dedication burned into it
55 Speckled stone that hovers six inches off your hand when you toss it straight up 56 Malachite sculpture of a frog with cartoonishly large eyes
57 A paintbrush with bristles on both ends 58 An engraved medallion commemorating a grand performance or feat of heroism
59 Human femur inscribed with a riddle 60 Uncrackable egg
61 Journal whose pages constantly rearrange themselves 62 Palm-sized one-way mirror
63 Chunk of blue-green sea glass the size of your hand 64 Necklace of braided flowers that have wilted a little over the years but are still quite colorful
65 Light gray stone that gives off a faint scent of lemon 66 Scrap of cloth that you believe once belonged to a national leader
67 Small box containing set of humanoid finger bones 68 A pair of lodestones that clatter loudly when stuck together
69 Set of seven dice: one is a cube, and one a pyramid; the rest are strange polyhedral shapes 70 Drop of blood encased in glass
71 Ivory comb that is always missing a couple tines when you use it, but never the same tines 72 Glass orb filled with water and glittering flakes that look like snow
73 Large scale from some enormous reptile, possibly a kaijan 74 Compass that points west
75 Leather satchel with a lot of confusing-to-use pockets inside 76 Fancy velvet hat in a flamboyant color
77 Monocle rimmed in gold 78 Bracelet of braided silver, gold, and brass wires
79 Semiprescious stone the size of your head 80 Disc of petrified wood
81 Arrow with golden feather fletching 82 Hook alleged to be the replacement hand of a great pirate
83 Flag with the coat of arms of a neighboring nation 84 Miniature lantern that produces a blue-green flame when lit
85 Bottle that never shatters when dropped 86 Inkpot with a mysterious insignia
87 Book of epic poetry recounting the tales of your favorite hero 88 Stone discus with a flower lacquered on it
89 Cork from an unknown vintage of wine 90 Spiral seashell that seems to be whispering an ancient language when held to your ear
91 A twig made of iron, which serves no obvious purpose 92 Arrowhead made of pure darkness
93 Shrunken skull with its eyes intact 94 Miniature intricately detailed ziggurat
95 Ornate wrought metal hand with an eyeball in it 96 Powdered wig of medium- length hair in a formal style
97 Fossilized scorpion 98 Gilded crest of a long- forgotten noble house
99 Cup that always smells faintly of coffee grounds 100 Wrought metal eldritch creature with an orblike body and many tentacles and eyes


You might use any of these vehicles when you travel by land or sea.

Item Cost
Carriage 300
Cart 30
Fishing Boat 1,000
Galleon 45,000
Merchant Vessel 30,000
Rowboat 100
Sailboat 2500
Ship (Large) 20,000
Ship (Small) 5,000
Wagon 160
Warship 60,000