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Core Rule Book

Lineage Changes
Date Book Change
11.17.23 CRB Added Descriptions to Elf Lineages
11.30.23 CRB Climbing, Lifting, and Swimming skills removed from Lineages as they are not skills
12.1.23 CRB Dwarf appearance description text edited for consistency
12.2.23 CRB Forced March corrected to be under "Stamina" category instead of "Endurance"
12.21.23 CRB Fiendblood Draining Touch clarified to be an unarmed attack
12.22.23 CRB Remnant Enhanced Armor now has Armored Form pre-req
2.5.24 CRB Elemental Fire Elemental Flamehand feature clarified, functions as a primal chant
2.5.24 CRB Elemental Earth Punch feature corrected, it is an effect you add to a melee attack
3.10.24 CRB Elemental - Fire Elemental's Fire Affinity II can be activated manually now.
4.8.24 CRB Fiendblood Pact Maker clarifies that when a pact end, both participants are aware
Magic Changes
Date Book Magic Type Change
11.30.23 CRB Occult Silence Spell adjusted to target the FORT defense
12.1.23 CRB Divine Reincarnation Spell - Lineage Table - Jutan changed to Trollkin
12.2.23 CRB Divine Starlight Nebula updated to have the Divine Spell Tag
12.2.23 CRB Occult Ignite and Eldritch Orb updated to have Occult Chant Tag
12.2.23 CRB Occult Blight, Blood Bond, Child of Darkness, Curse of Trembling, Curse of Withering, and Devil's Sight all updated to have Occult Ritual Tag
12.2.23 CRB Occult Cloven Step, Hex of Lethargy, and Minor Augmentation updated to have Occult Spell Tag
12.2.23 CRB Primal Billowing Fog updated to have the Primal Spell Tag
12.2.23 CRB Divine Immunity and Providence had second Duration removed
12.21.23 CRB Primal Crawling Vine updated to target REF
12.21.23 CRB Occult Eldritch Orb updated to target AR
12.22.23 CRB Occult Ignite updated to target ANT
12.22.23 CRB Primal Summon Fae text updated for clarification
12.28.23 CRB Arcane Nova Spell damage changed from "Heat" to "Fire"
12.31.23 CRB Primal Everfog casting details corrected
1.6.24 CRB Psionic Far Sense talent typo corrected - Primal no longer mentioned twice.
1.12.24 CRB Primal Feast for Crows changed from DEX to REF
1.20.24 CRB Arcane Clear Mind given the Arcane Spell tag
2.13.24 CRB Arcane Range and target defense clarified for Nova spell.
2.13.24 CRB Divine Target defense clarified for Starlight Nebula.
2.13.24 CRB Occult Target defense clarified for Grasp of Bones.
2.13.24 CRB Occult Target defense clarified for Hex of Tumult.
2.13.24 CRB Occult Target defense clarified for Shadow Travel.
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Talent tags updated to match other sources.
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Fire Focus and Cold Focus incompatibilities updated.
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Lend Power updated to not have "casting Time"
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Prestidigitation updated to not have "casting Time"
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Sensory Illusion updated to not have "casting Time"
2.19.24 CRB Arcane "AOE" tag removed from Ice Fan spell.
2.19.24 CRB Psionic Meditation added to Psionic Source.
2.19.24 CRB Arcane Conceal Spell has "Metamagic" tag, not "Mote" tag.
2.19.24 CRB Psionic Body Sculpt spell has a range of self.
2.23.24 CRB Primal "Element" tag replaced with "Weather" tag for Lightning Lash and Mist
2.23.24 CRB Primal "Element" tag replaced with "Nature" tag for Poison Spores
2.23.24 CRB Occult Esoteric Ritualist specifies it must be a spell you know.
2.23.24 CRB Occult Curse of Trembling updated to clarify how Lesser and Greater Restoration interact with it.
2.24.24 CRB Occult Clarified Grasp of Bones attacks ANT.
3.11.24 CRB Magic Entry Talents You gain power in the relevant magic source by gaining talents with that tag, instead of talents from that particular stack.
3.20.24 CRB Psionic Distract Duration clarified when cast on your own turn
4.8.24 CRB Psionic Warp Time and Stop Time reworded for clarity
Talent Changes
Date Book Change
11.27.23 CRB Divine Icons Cleric Ability (Cleric Entry Talent) reworded for clarity
11.27.23 CRB Icons Cleric Talent reworded for clarity
11.30.23 CRB Enhanced Concentration Talents are no longer repeatable
11.30.23 CRB Telekenetic Magic Talent removed - Redundant Talent
11.30.23 CRB Primal Chants, Primal Invocations, Primal Spells, Primal Magic, and Primal Survivalist Talents are now repeatable
11.30.23 CRB Assassin Track renamed to Guild Affiliate Track
11.30.23 CRB Holy Cause Ability (Zealot Entry Talent) adjusted from AWR/Rest to 2/Rest
12.1.23 CRB Repurpose Damage Abilities made into a table as intended. Removed from Oracle Talent list.
12.1.23 CRB Capstone tag added to the Signature Move Talent
12.1.23 CRB Vigilant II clarified for which 10 ANT replaces
12.1.23 CRB Natural Habitat II text updated to reflect you gain an ability, not another talent
12.5.23 CRB Time added to Last Rights, Divine Icon: Death
12.21.23 CRB Figure of Legend Pre-Req changed to Book of Legends
12.21.23 CRB Battlefield Protector no longer replaces Battlefield Tactician
12.22.23 CRB Protector Track Pre-Req's updated for clarification
12.22.23 CRB Never Retreat Pre-Req changed to Unflappable II
12.29.23 CRB Battlefield Concentration is no longer repeatable
12.31.23 CRB Zealot Entry changed to Defense Stack instead of Combat Stack
1.5.24 CRB Witch entry updated to explain Familiar has no HP and cannot be damaged
1.6.24 CRB Old Gods and Wyrd Wood magic attribute clarified
1.20.24 CRB Great and Grand Stanza made Repeatable
1.29.24 CRB Mage: Warding III updated to not replace Warding Focus
2.2.24 CRB Witch "Witch's Brew" talent language revised for clarity
2.14.24 CRB Tinkerer: Adaptive Armor is "Resist X, where X = INT"
2.14.24 CRB Tinkerer: Breakthrough allows 2 active enchantments
2.14.24 CRB Tinkerer: Breakthrough II allows 1/2 INT active enchantments
2.23.24 CRB Ranger: Empower Chant specifies that you must know the chant.
2.28.24 CRB Witch: Added "You can make your familiar take more actions by spending 1 AP per additional action your Familiar takes." to base Witch Entry talent.
3.10.24 CRB Scriptorium II allows you to respec your prayers, not your rituals.
3.10.24 CRB Unflappable talents clarified that they protect you from Frightened AND new conditions.
3.11.24 CRB Archmage prereq is Arcane Power 29
3.11.24 CRB Class entry talents and other class talents that give you access to magic are updated, clarifying how they work with magic entry talents.
4.8.24 CRB Pugilist: Flip changed to learn the "Go for the Knees" Pugilist Maneuver
4.8.24 CRB Oracle Talented Mentor Prerequisite adjusted to Mystic Support II
Other Changes
Date Book Change
Ongoing All Typos, minor text changes, minor formatting changes as found
12.2.23 CRB Blunt added as club damage type
12.2.23 CRB Robes given a cost on light armor table
12.2.23 All Petrified added to conditions list
12.22.23 CRB Cartography Skill description added
12.22.23 CRB Ammunition costs added
12.22.23 CRB Investigating description now lists AWR as the check
12.31.23 CRB Swimming removed from Born Warrior and Outlander
2.12.24 CRB Shield HP clarified to expire when you take a rest
2.13.24 CRB Cartography description added
4.7.24 CRB Enthralled added to the conditions list

Creature Compendium

Date Book Change
11.30.23 CC Text Correction. ML x 2 = Party Level or Party Level/2 = ML
12.22.23 CC Bone Hag "Steal Spell" adjusted to "Contest Spell"
12.22.23 CC Vampirism text updated for consistency (In progress)
1.4.24 CC Dex modifiers corrected for Colossal and Titan sized creatures
1.9.24 CC Chosen shaken ability clarified
1.16.24 CC Shambling Grim and Weeping Hollow both listed as Medium Size
2.8.24 CC All creatures Gargantuan or larger have the Giant tag.
4.3.24 CC Hag (Bone) corrected to Hag (Bog) in Primal Type Chart
4.6.24 CC Bogwallower resist updated
4.6.24 CC Range of Chamrosh Bite, Chosen Boatswain Claw, Chosen Captain Claw and Cutlass, and Chosen Crewmate Claw specified
4.6.24 CC Chosen Crewmate's and Chosen Boatswain's Share Secrets specified to be until the targets next turn ends.
4.6.24 CC Chosen Deckhand corrected to Chosen Crewmate in Monster by Type and Monster by Environment charts
4.6.24 CC Range of Clikkiri Soldier's Pincer specified
4.7.24 CC Range of Crepit Scratch and Strangle specified
4.7.24 CC Range of Death Knight Greatsword specified
4.12.24 CC Bonewraith Growing Horde adjusted from immediate to after a Take a Rest
4.12.24 CC Bonewraith Tether abilities specified until end of next turn
4.12.24 CC Bonewraith Tether reaction adjusted so Bonewraith takes damage as well
4.12.24 CC Range of Amanojaku Possess specified
4.14.24 CC Range of Grash Beak and Claw specified
4.14.24 CC Range of Gretchling Claw specified
4.14.24 CC Kriflock LOG corrected

MythCrafter's Guide

Date Content Change
4.15.24 MCG Range of Uvior Draining Touch specified


Date Content Change
1.4.24 Legends of MythCraft Knack HP corrected