Swarm of Bats

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Individual beasts may pose formidable adversaries or faithful allies. Adventurers must also keep a sharp eye out for any signs of swarms. Typically made up of small animals of the same species, swarms can be especially tricky to fight, as swinging a sword at hundreds of bats will only do so much.

Swarms have DR/AOE. This stands for “Area of Effect” and means they apply their DR to all damage except damage that targets more than one creature, such as the Fireball spell.

Swarm of Bats

Monster Level: 3
Medium. Beast Swarm
0 3 1 2 -3 -3
Ref: 13 Fort: 11 Ant: 12 Log: 7 Will: 7
Armor Rating 12 Resist Toxic 3 Immune Psychic
Hit Points 25 DR 4/AOE
Speed 5 ft, Fly 40 ft Senses Darkvision 120 ft
Traits Immutable
Echolocation. When Deafened, the Swarm of Bats is also Blinded.

Swarm. When the Swarm of Bats is Bloodied, halve the damage that it deals. The Swarm of Bats can occupy other creatures’ spaces. When another creature attempts to move through a Swarm of Bats’ space, it treats the space as difficult terrain.


The Swarm of Bats can MOVE and take ONE of the following actions.

Move. The Swarm of Bats can move up to its speed.

Bite. Reach 0 ft Natural Weapon. +3 vs AR. Hit: 10 (4d4) sharp.