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Information on the MythCraft Creator & Partner Program.

MythCraft Partners

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Partner Program Info

If you're creating, or have created MythCraft content: We'd like to support you. This support is only available on the discord. Please join us at, once you have joined you must click "I'm a Creator" in #role-selection channel.

  • You can post links to your content, and the MythCraft team, and other Partners will check it out and potentially Comment, Like, Retweet, Share, and so on.
  • Select content will be shared in the Discord announcements channel and MythCraft social media channels

Signal Boosting is feeding the algorithm by ENGAGING with MythCraft content. Liking, Commenting, Sharing, Retweeting, Watching videos all the way through, and so on, are all great signals to feed the Algorithm gods. And the more engaging MythCraft content is, the better MythCraft content will perform for everyone. Please use #MythCraft hashtag when possible too! Again, the more active that hashtag, the better our content does.


  • If you post any content that in any way, praises any form of sexism, racism, or bigotry, your access to the Creator & Partner channels will be permanently revoked.
  • Your content must be specifically MythCraft content to be considered for signal boosting. We love general TTRPG content, but that's not the point of this space.

Partner Expectations:

  • We'd like our Partners to post MythCraft content at least once a month.
  • We'd like our Partners to engage with other Partner Content at least once a week.
  • We'd like our Partners to engage with MythCraft official social media content as much as possible, at least once a week.

Become a Partner:

If you'd like to join the Partner Program please let us know

  • and WHY

in #partner-chat, and tag an admin! Please make sure the message is clear you're submitting for the partner program, or we'll assume you're just requesting feedback or signal boosting. You will get out of the Partner Program what you put into it. If you're not participating, we may remove you from the program in order to keep the energy and activity high.

Partners Receive:

  • Preference in Social Media sharing
  • Linked on the SRD, and permitted to display Partner badge
  • Early access to review content
  • Affiliate Program access

Relevant Information

Please review the MythCraft License Information

Assets can be found at our Press Kit