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Powered by MythCraft License

Using Powered by MythCraft

We (QuasiReal Publishing LLC) give you (the creator) a worldwide, perpetual, and royalty-free license to share, adapt, build on, remix, and create derivative works of MythCraft or The MythCraft Engine. No permission or registration of these derivative printed works is required. The Powered by MythCraft license follows the use guidelines set forth by the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The terms of this agreement may be amended as necessary but not substantively changed. Additionally, the license may not be revoked unless the terms below are deemed to have been violated. Any works published under these terms are protected by these terms in perpetuity.

This license only applies to works using “MythCraft” or “The MythCraft Engine” and does not apply to other’s derivative works, other QuasiReal Publishing Works, or work by any QuasiReal Publishing creator or contributor.

This License only applies to written works and is not intended to imply open licensing for other, non-written physical or digital products.

  • 1. By using MythCraft or The MythCraft Engine content, the creator agrees to the terms of the license.
  • 2. “MythCraft” and “Powered by MythCraft” refer to the system, world, characters, and creations associated with the MythCraft system published by QuasiReal Publishing LLC. “Derivative work” refers to any works transforming, adapting, or utilizing MythCraft or The MythCraft Engine. For material to be considered a derivative work, the majority (Over 50%) of the published work must consist of original content.
  • 3. For any works based on MythCraft, the creator must include the following statement. Additionally, the following logo must be displayed in a reasonably visible manner on the cover or in the front matter and shall not be edited or changed in any way.

Statement: This work is based on The MythCraft System by QuasiReal Publishing LLC and published using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

Digital Assets can be found Here:

  • 4. Use of the MythCraft Logo is not intended to imply sponsorship, affiliation, or any other relationship unless otherwise explicitly stated. MythCraft and the MythCraft Engine remain the copyright of QuasiReal Publications and are only licensed for use under the terms of this agreement.
  • 5. The creator’s derived work is not required to have an open license; however, open license usage is highly encouraged, and iterations of your derivation must retain MythCraft credit.
  • 6. Any usage or reproduction of QuasiReal Publishing LLC copyrighted material must include the original copyright notice as written. Original copyright notices are not subject to change.
  • 7. Using our work in a way that is defamatory or damaging to the MythCraft brand is forbidden.
  • 8. Failure to comply with the terms above will result in a legal notice from QuasiReal Publishing LLC. The creator will have 30 days to edit their derivative work to comply with the terms or the license shall be revoked.