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VOTEN Press Kit

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Words written in your tone of voice, by you, will always do better than copy pasting! But here's some starting points we've tested that work well from OUR voice.

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The ultimate grimdark ⚔️ gothic horror🧛‍♂️  TTRPG module:

🗺️ Tons of immersive extras like Dice, Minis, Tarot, and even an Original Sountrack

🌌 Play as your favorite dark fantasy legends with 13+ new subclass options

🎲 Both D&D 5th and MythCraft editions, each over 700 pages

🧠 Brand new robust Fear & Sanity system, complete with a special Psyche Talent Tree

🎉 Races, Backgrounds, Spells, Feats, Items - over 200 new options!

⬇️ Reserve now for VIP access and special bonuses!

The Ultimate Dark Fantasy Campaign Supplement
🦇 The ultimate 5e campaign compendium perfect for fans of grimdark fantasy and gothic horror. Answer the call and divine your fate. Veil of the Eternal Night is the perfect addition to your tabletop game if you're a fan of horror or vampire hunting. Don't miss the fully illustrated Tarot Deck with unique in-game class, monster, and even dungeon mechanics! Answer the Call, Divine your Fate!
Immerse yourself in the upcoming dark fantasy TTRPG supplement: 'Veil of the Eternal Night' - Inspired by grimdark legends like Castlevania, Berserker, and more!

📖 Massive, Max Level Campaign packed with Gothic Horror

🎨 Tons of new terrifying player options for 5e and MythCraft

🧙‍♂️ Mythic Boss Creatures with Unique Mechanics

🏰 Find Legendary Artifacts that will Level Up With You

🗺️ Tons of immersive extras like Dice, Minis, Tarot, Original Soundtrack, and more!

🧠 Brand new robust Fear & Sanity system, complete with a special Psyche Talent Tree

⬇️ Reserve now and unlock exclusive rewards!

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