Dire Wolf

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Wolves are pack animals and hunt together with an instinctive understanding of tactical combat.

Dire Wolf

Monster Level: 2
Medium. Beast
3 3 2 2 -3 -2
Ref: 13 Fort: 12 Ant: 12 Log: 7 Will: 8
Armor Rating 13 Senses Low-Light Vision 60ft
Hit Points 22
Speed 40 ft
Skills (DEX) Sneaking +3; (END) Distance Running +1; (AWR) Tracking +3, Perceiving +2
Keen Senses. The Dire Wolf has an additional +2 bonus to AWR checks relying on hearing or smell.

Pack Tactics. The Dire Wolf gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls if it has a conscious ally within 5 ft of its target.


The Dire Wolf can take TWO of the following actions, or take the same action twice.

Move. The Dire Wolf can move up to its speed.
Bite. Reach 5 ft, Natural Weapon. +3 vs AR. Hit: 6 (1d6+3) sharp, and make a secondary attack +3 vs FORT. Hit: Target falls Prone.
Growl (1/Round). When a creature moves into melee distance of the Dire Wolf, it can make a Bite attack.