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THE GREAT CHASM YAWNS ACROSS THE PLAINS. The rip in the earth looks like the jagged cut of some great god’s knife. By day, its redstone cliffs hold the seductive promise of wealth and glory. By night, its vast expanse crouches like a black shadow encroaching ever closer.

To its east, the old nation of Kendaria lies in the shade of ancient, magical forests and haunting mountains. And to the Chasm’s west, Nalathesh swelters as a proud desert nation that thrives on trade with Kendaria and its other neighbors.

Connecting these two mighty powers, the city-state of Bridgemoor is a feat of tremendous engineering and grit. The entire city-state is, of course, an enormous bridge that spans the Great Chasm itself, connecting east to west and facilitating endless international trade.

But all is not well in Bridgemoor. Whispers of occult activity have set everyone on edge. Escalating tensions between Nalathesh and Kendaria threaten to embroil Bridgemoor in the heart of a trade war that could quickly turn ugly. And, of course, where there is chaos, there is the potential for profit. Politicians and wealthy merchants from each of these nations - and even from the kingdoms beyond the heart of conflict - weave their schemes, trying to leverage strife and uncertainty to their own advantage.

Into this uncertain and dangerous world march your very own heroes. Armed with their own hopes and desires, a party of unlikely allies must navigate this fraught world and repair what semblance of peace they can before these nations crumble into innumerable pieces. Do the heroes have what it takes to end a war? Or will a malicious force emerge from the chaos to forge an iron dictatorship, plunging the future into darkness?

This is playtest material. There will be mistakes and typos. When you find one, please report it to Nathan on MythCraft's official discord server in the #playtesting-lobby channel. Please be as specific as possible, citing specific pages and subsections on this wiki. Note that brackets [[]] and hashtags ## are not typos; they are placeholders that Nathan uses during the drafting process.

This book is only intended for the eyes of the MythCrafter (MC). At any point, if information should be made available to the players, this will be made clear to you as the MC.

Table of Contents

Adventure Overview

Part One: Prologues

Chapter 1: Preliminary Matters

Chapter 2: Prologues

Chapter 3: The Underbridge Cult

Part Two: Emissaries of Order (Drafting in progress)

Chapter 4: Structuring the Campaign

Chapter 5: Bridgemoor

Chapter 6: Kendaria

Chapter 7: Nalathesh

Part Three: The Cloven Lands (Drafting in progress)

Appendix A: Major NPCs

Appendix B: Magic Items

Appendix C: Monster Stats