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Who is QuasiReal Publishing?

QuasiReal Publishing is the Publishing arm of the Vala Marketing suite of brands, created in conjunction with our podcast network: The Homebrew Network. We at QuasiReal Publishing are passionate individuals who are dedicated to bringing top-quality games & entertainment into reality. QuasiReal Publishing combines over 60 years of expertise to create an game publishing powerhouse with a full spectrum of development, game design, marketing, and fundraising offerings.

Our debut in the tabletop scene was MythCraft Roleplaying Game! A completely new system & universe. Our freshman Kickstarter was funded over 400% in just 3 hours, chosen as Kickstarter's "Projects we Love" and Backerkit's "Staff Pick."

What is MythCraft?

MythCraft is a new TTRPG universe and game system featuring complex character creation, rich combat, and a huge eon-spanning universe. It is a d20-based system that will feel familiar to experienced role-players and exciting to first-timers. Combat utilizes an Action Point system that seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with a rich narrative experience. MythCraft offers a "medium crunch" experience: it is very customizable and character creation is a detailed process, but you won't need a calculator and spreadsheets to play it.

What is The Homebrew Network?

The Homebrew Network is a TTRPG entertainment network. We currently publish 3 podcasts weekly: The Homebrew, which is a top 10 Spotify and Apple Actual Play show, and two newer shows called Sanity Damage and Power Word Fail. The Homebrew Network has a Discord community of about 1000 members and around 30k total social media followers. Between our 3 shows we get about 40k-50k downloads a month.

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