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The MythCraft street team is a way to contribute to the MythCraft community, earn rewards, and gain XP and levels. Some campaigns have physical and digital rewards!

Join the Street Team

Step 1 - Join the MythCraft Discord

Join the MythCraft Discord server at

Step 2 - Select the Street Team Role

In the #role-selection channel in Discord, click "Join the Street Team"

That's it! You're in.

Street Team Info

How to use:

  • Use #street-team to share your success stories, encourage others, and report in on challenges and shares!
  • Please keep /levels and /rank command to the #street-team channel

If you see folks with purple names and stars, theyre street team all stars! There are several special flairs available:

  • @Initiate Level 30
  • @Ascendant Level 50
  • @All Star Level 100

What should I do?

  • Tell your friends! Spread the word, in your groups, other discords, reddit, so on!
  • Make sure you're following on all of our social media platforms
  • Feed the algorithms - Like, Comment, Share, Emote, so on
  • Tell us your stories! If you got in a long convo with a group of gamers at a convention and got them all drooling for MythCraft? TELL US! That's worth a lot of XP. Did you comment, like, and repost our last video? Tell us! It's only worth a little XP, but it adds up!

What kind of actions will get me XP?

  • Answering questions in Discord, being helpful & kind, and encouraging others to spread the word, anything that gains attention from mods!
  • Sharing stories about how you shared MythCraft with friends, spread the word that #MythCraftIsComing, converted your table to MythCraft, and things of that nature
  • Being active on our social media - commenting, sharing, retweeting, liking, and so on.
  • Challenges will appear from time to time!

Just report, share, encourage, get competitive, and so on in #street-team and an admin will give you xp!

Current Promotions

Past Promotions

Playtesting Promotion #2

Promotion: First to achieve Initiate rank

Prize: Choice of MythCraft dice set or Landshark Plushie

Winner: Java

Runner Up: Adam

Playtesting Promotion #1

Promotion: Earn the most XP during the alpha playtest

Prize: Limited Run MythCraft Launch Magnet


  • 1) Java
  • 2) @Koree Griffin (spazz)
  • 3) @Cryo
  • 4) @Melki
  • 5) @Salamar Dree
  • 6) @⫷𓊈𝔻𝕒𝕟𓊉⫸
  • 7) @crazyfoxi13
  • 8) @Dragkol
  • 9) Inspector Chaos
  • 10) @7thPorter