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Psionic magic draws from the inherent power within one’s very soul: their Essence. Individuals who are sensitive to this power often manifest it at a very young age, although few know how to spot and develop those early signs of psionic latency. A psion, once identified, often enters the care of a faction, and these factions regularly compete with each other to increase their ranks. The competition is usually friendly.

The factions of psions are referred to as “Wings” within their own ranks. Despite differing goals, their unique nature as hyper-empaths and telepathic abilities have resulted in an affinity between them that outshines their connection with non-latents.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a secret council of twelve formidable psions who oversee hundreds of latents. Neutral advisors to many kingdoms, the Cabinet’s representatives are dispersed across Ancerra, serving as translators, diplomats, adjudicators, and long-distance telepathic communicators. The presence of a Cabinet representative is a symbol of status, and kingdoms, nobles, and guilds alike pay handsomely for their services.

Lights From Below

Lights from Below, colloquially known as Lebellos or Elbes, is a smaller Wing of psions dedicated to improving Ancerra. The Lights from Below construct bridges, dig wells, and fight bandits and monsters, taking only enough coin to reach their next destination. While traveling, they nurture young latents, and their headquarters, the Hall of Heroes, is a massive hall carved into a mountain face. It is filled with statues and murals that depict heroes from the Light from Below and their famous adventures.

The Fixers

One of the largest Wings is the Fixers, with thousands of latents throughout Ancerra. Their primary function is to hunt monsters and collect bounties.

Psionic Aptitudes

Psionic aptitudes are unique subcategories of psionic magic. Psionic casters typically focus on one aptitude and greatly increase their power within it.

Clairsentience is the psionic aptitude that allows one to master one’s senses and perceive outside of those senses and self.

Psychokinetics is the manipulation and mastery of existing physical matter.

Metacreativity taps into the space between space, the Pale, to draw and shape essence, manifesting semi-physical objects and creatures.

Telepathy is mental communication such as traditional telepathy, empathy, mind-reading, and manipulation of thought and perception.

Psychometabolics is the ultimate attunement with one’s own body, and the ability to push it past its physical limits, and even morph and shape it.

Psychovillainy is the forbidden art of charm and compulsion.


Some psionic abilities are agreed upon to be unethical as they subvert the free will of other creatures. Such magic is known as psychovillainy. Use of such magic would likely result in an investigation and perhaps even banishment from one’s own Psionic Wing. Depending on the degree of the offense, the latent may be shunned from the other wings, leaving them with no choice but take solace with the other psions of their kind: The Syndicate, a secretive wing of exiled and banned psions who care for each other and work as mercenaries and sellswords across Ancerra.

Generally, telepaths find themselves most tempted by the forbidden arts, and many telepathy spells ride a thin line between acceptable and forbidden.

Psionic Magic Types

In addition to spells, psionic casters might learn invocations.

Invocation. If you know any invocations, you may cast invocations a number of times equal to your Psionic Tier. This resets when you Take a Rest.

Psionic Tags

These tags are referenced by some psionic spells and invocations.

Psionic Power

Your Psionic Power is the total number of Talent Points you have spent on psionic talents as a result of leveling up, along with the number of Talent Points you have spent in certain classes or class tracks. These classes or tracks will specify that they contribute to Psionic Power.

Psionic Tier

Your Psionic Tier increases at varying increments of Psionic Power, as shown on the table below.

Psionic Power Psionic Tier
1-3 1
4-7 2
8-11 3
12-15 4
16-19 5
20+ 6

Your Psionic Tier determines how many times you can use invocations each day.


When you take the Adept of the Psionic talent, choose one aptitude: Clairsentience, Psychokinetics, Metacreativity, Telepathy, or Psychometabolics.


Spells with the concentration tag require a lot of mental focus to keep running; thus, only one can be active at a time. If you take damage while doing this, you must make a Concentration check: 1d20+END. The DC of the check is 1⁄2 the amount of damage that you took.


A spell with the manifestation tag costs 0 SP for psions who have the corresponding aptitude (although upcharging still requires SP).


Psionic spells and invocations with the meditation tag require you to meditate for both the casting and duration of the spell. While meditating, you cannot spend AP to do anything else unless you have talents that specify otherwise. Unless you have talents that specify otherwise, you cannot voluntarily end a meditation early. Taking damage ends meditation immediately. If your meditation ends early, then the spell or invocation fails.