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What is MythCraft Guild?

MythCraft Guild is the official “organized play” system used to play MythCraft campaigns in an official capacity. Organized play allows you to journey between game stores, conventions, and other official venues as you level your hero up.

Unlike a home game, MythCraft Guild follows specific rules and regulations that both players and MythCrafters (MCs) must abide by.

Adventure Log

Playing in the Guild

MCing for the Guild

Guild Campaign Modules

Registering for the Guild

Players do not need to register to join the Guild.

MythCrafters should go to this link to register for the MythCraft Guild.

Participating locations should go to this link to register for the MythCraft Guild.

Note that a game session is only valid in the MythCraft Guild if both the MC and the location are registered.


Q: Do I need to play a campaign in chronological order?

A: No. The continuity of organized play is more focused on your own hero than on an ongoing story. There IS an ongoing story, but that's secondary to you having fun leveling up your heroes and making friends at the gaming table. This is even true if a session is labeled as "Part 2/3" - you do not need to play Part 1/3 first, although you may find the experience more rewarding if you do.

Q: If I play a session in a specific campaign, can I take that same hero to another campaign?

A: Yes. There may be some translation needed, such as if you play a character without a SAN attribute and then join a Soliloquy of Annihilation session that involves SAN. Details on these translations can be found in the Guild Campaign Modules page.

Q: How do I track my hero's advancement?

A: Use an Adventure Log. This is essential to verify that your character legally leveled up, gained the appropriate amount of treasure, and the like.

Q: How long are sessions?

A: The vast majority of sessions in the MythCraft Guild are designed to be completed within 4 hours.