Kings of Tyranny

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THE AIR SPLITS WITH A THUNDERING ROAR. The furious cry of the dinosaurs echoes throughout the savage jungles and deserts of Telgaia. The cry for violence echoes in the hearts of man: the world over, young nations flex their muscles and send eager warriors to test their strength on one another’s shields and spears.

Not all is wanton violence, however. In the burgeoning nations around the great gulf, international trade and commerce hold the promise of wealth for all. Grand cities are rising throughout the steamy jungles encasing the gulf, and brave sailors spread news, goods, and culture across the region.

Grandest among these nations is Gilgalon, the First Empire. Spanning hill, plain, jungle, and desert, the great Gilgalon boasts a massive populace and multiple grand cities that draw merchants like moths to a flame. While Gilgalon is the greatest exemplar of what civilization might become, most early kingdoms spreading along the great gulf look to the future with grand optimism.

And even so, it is understood that young folk, especially young men, must fight. So the borders between nations frequently become staging grounds for minor skirmishes as the foolhardy nature of youth, egged on with one’s bronze in their hand, bathes the dirt in blood.

But this petty warfare will soon turn dire. In the warmongering kingdom of Brazodir, Godking Assurgazzar sharpens his bronze swords and prepares his men to conquer. Small towns in Gilgalon’s orbit will soon taste Assurgazzar’s mad wrath…

This is playtest material. There will be mistakes and typos. When you find one, please report it to Nathan on MythCraft's official discord server in the #playtesting-lobby channel. Please be as specific as possible, citing specific pages and subsections on this wiki. Note that brackets [[]] and hashtags ## are not typos; they are placeholders that Nathan uses during the drafting process.

This book is only intended for the eyes of the MythCrafter (MC). At any point, if information should be made available to the players, this will be made clear to you as the MC.

Table of Contents

Adventure Overview

Part One: A Tyrant's Roar

Chapter 1: The Blood Sun Rises

Chapter 2: The Road to War

Chapter 3: Glory of the Godking

Part Two: The First Alliance (Drafting in Process)

Part Three: The Dinosaur Wars (Drafting Not Started)

Appendix A: Major NPCs (KoT)

Appendix B: Magic Items (KoT)