Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

There are a few general principles to keep in mind as you play the game.

Specific Beats General

Whenever you run into rules that conflict with one another, defer to the most specific ruling. A talent or lineage ability should always supersede a general rule, and magical effects that last for a finite time override passive abilities.

Always Round Up

In MythCraft, you always round up in the instance of fractional numbers.

OVERCOMING DCS When making an attack or ability check, you are successful if your roll equals or exceeds the DC (Difficulty Class). The DC might be a number set by the MC in the event of an ability check. In any kind of attack, the DC is the defending creature’s relevant defense.

Base, Cumulative, and Transformative

When you see the word “base,” it means that this is the default instance of an ability. It might be modified by other abilities. Whenever you see “+” or “increase”, whether it is in reference to more damage, increased range, additional dice, or something else, the effect is cumulative, stacking on top of the base ability. If something says “is” or “becomes”, then it is transformative, overriding any previous abilities, damage, range, and the like.

Recharging Abilities

Many abilities, especially those gained through talents, can only be used a finite number of times. You regain these abilities after you Catch your Breath, Recoup, or Take a Rest, as denoted by the ability. (2/Rest) means that you can use the ability twice, regaining the ability to do so after you Take a Rest. Similarly, (AWR/Recoup) means that you can use the ability a number of times equal to your AWR, regaining all expended uses when you Recoup.

If you have an ability that you can use a number of times equal to an attribute, you can always use that ability at least once, even if your corresponding attribute is 0 or a negative number.