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In addition to fighting monsters and exploring wondrous locales, adventurers will need to maintain and cultivate their reputation in the various towns and cities that they frequent.

Goodwill is a mechanic that tracks a community’s sentiment towards an individual. Any action a party or player takes may generate positive or negative Goodwill. Professions have a particularly strong effect on Goodwill.

Goodwill is tracked across several spheres of the community, roughly correlated to occupations: Academic, Aristocratic, Layfolk, Mercantile, Militant, Religious, Underworld. Certain Professions are written with this in mind and specify which spheres of the community you gain Goodwill in.

If your MC wants to streamline this process, they can simply track Goodwill per town or city, instead of tracking Goodwill for individual community spheres in each urban area. If they do this, then any feature that gives you +1 Goodwill in a particular sphere gives you +1 Goodwill overall. Goodwill is tracked privately by your MC and can range anywhere on a scale from -20 to +20.

Goodwill Effect
-20 to -15 Villain You are hated and feared by your community. Community resources will be levied towards your arrest and destruction.
-14 to -10 Hated The community is hostile to your presence and will refuse your trade and lodging. Angry mobs might attempt to exile you.
-9 to -4 Disliked Goods and services often cost more for you and merchants are unlikely to haggle.
-3 to 3 Neutral You are unknown to the community overall.
4 to 9 Liked Citizens usually go out of their way to accommodate you and give you good deals.
10 to 14 Beloved Citizens rejoice to see you and you can always find friends and allies in town.
15 to 20 Hero You are idolized by your community and can get virtually any good or service for free. Local authorities will overlook minor crimes that you commit and will help you when they reasonably can.