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Here are some tables that you can reference when determining your party’s travel pace.

Travel Pace Miles/Hour Descrition
Normal 2 A steady pace of travel, balancing speed and endurance.
Forced March 3 Pushing beyond normal limits to cover more ground quickly.
Cautious 1.5 Moving slowly and carefully, prioritizing stealth and safety.
Encumbered 1 Traveling while carrying a heavy load or burden without a wagon or beasts of burden.

Forced March

Make a DC 6 END Check, adding Forced March if you have it. The check increases by 2 for each extra hour of travel. If you fail the check, gain Fatigue.

Cautious Travel

Gain a +2 Bonus on all AWR checks.


If you have more Unwieldy items than can be carried per character and no wagon or pack animal, you travel more slowly.


An adventurer can carry the following gear on their person, unless they have an ability that says otherwise. Note that this system is intended to prioritize ease of gameplay over realism. Remember to observe the rules of encumbrance while traveling. It is wise to think ahead about how you might transport any treasure you find on your quests.

One pack with personal belongings, mundane items, and adventuring gear

• Up to two tool sets or kits

• One full set of armor

• Up to three weapons without the light tag

• One Unwieldy item

Gear inside the adventurer’s pack, such as rope, torches, rations, and so on are not strictly tracked for their weight. If you have any items that exceed the limits above, you must have a beast of burden, cart, hireling, or some other way to transport them long distances, and you must set down any items that are causing encumbrance before equipping a weapon or shield.

Some creatures are capable of carrying particularly heavy loads. For each Size step you are above Medium, you can carry one additional Unwieldy item. You still cannot use more than one Unwieldy item at a time in combat. If you “count as one Size larger,” this counts towards this benefit.

If you are carrying an Unwieldy item, you cannot equip additional weapons or armor. Wearing Unwieldy armor does not impose this penalty, but carrying it does.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions will also affect your travel pace and your visibility. Weather conditions can be found here.


Creatures must eat 1 lb of food a day and drink 1 gallon of water a day to maintain an adventuring lifestyle.

You can go a number of days without food equal to your END before gaining Fatigue for not eating. If you do not find food on the final day, you gain Fatigue. You can go 2 days without water; on the third day, if you do not find potable water you gain Fatigue at the end of the day.