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“Disease” is a term used loosely in this context to refer to any sort of pathogenic alien entity that enters one’s body. This could technically be a disease, infection, or virus, but all three are simply referred to as diseases for the purposes of game mechanics.

Diseases are categorized in the same way as poisons, with Rarity, Lethality, and Transmissibility. As with poisons, Lethality and Transmissibility are not referenced in the Core Rulebook, but will come into play in later releases.

Disease stat blocks have five parts: Infection, Outbreak, Contagion, Symptoms, and Treatment.

Infection is essentially the same as a poison’s Application section, explaining what must happen for a creature to become infected. Outbreak is an optional tool that an MC can use when facilitating the outbreak of a disease.

Contagion explains how quickly the disease might spread, and how to determine whether it spreads to certain heroes or relevant NPCs.

Symptoms convey on an hour-by-hour or day-by-day basis what happens to an infected creature.

Treatment informs you on the steps you must take to cure a disease. This will typically involve making multiple INT/Medicine checks, and certain expensive ingredients or magical healing abilities might make this process easier or might be required to even attempt this process

Name of Disease Rarity Lethality Transmissibility
Beasian Boils Very Rare Medium High
Boil Plague Common Low Extreme
Deathboil Plague Rare High Medium
Deepshroom Poisoning Rare High Low
Fleshling Fever Rare High Low
Gift of the Chosen Rare High Medium
Scarlet Sickness Rare High High
Stonerot Uncommon Low High
Zombie Plague Uncommon Extreme High