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This page provides lists of known deities in Ancerra. These tables contain a deity’s basic disposition on the cosmos, iconography that their worshipers might use, and the divine icons to which they give you access if you are a cleric who worships that deity.

Most of the following pantheons are generally known throughout Ancerra, but some (like the Cyoth) are cryptic and almost entirely unheard of by layperson and scholar alike..

Archfae Deities

While still considered deities, the archfae are notably less powerful than most other deities. The archfae can further be categorized into six conclaves. These conclaves all reside in the Everwilds, and an individual archfae might be a member of multiple conclaves (though this is uncommon). The conclaves are as follows:

Ashyidir. The fae from the Ashyidir Conclave are prime elemental forces incarnate. They often fight amongst themselves, but do not have any true long-lasting animosity as they recognize that they all need each other and offer something wholly unique to the magibiosphere. Given their understanding of the necessity of all elements, the Ashyidir Conclave is generally lawful and order-oriented.

Leitspina. Incarnations of the six humanoid senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and instinct. The Leitspina Conclave tends towards chaos, often creating whimsical alliances with the Stravon just to cause trouble.

Pashak. Archfae from the Pashak Conclave are exemplars of the plant kingdom. The Pashak Conclave is fiercely pacifistic and tries to maintain cordiality between all other conclaves.

Shibmar. Archfae from the Shibmar Conclave are exemplars of the animal kingdom. While the Shibmar Conclave tends towards maintaining law, they are also usually more aggressive than the Ashyidir.

Stravon. Incarnations of the various primal emotions and combinations thereof. The Stravon Conclave generally acts in chaotic and short-sighted fashion, causing endless frustration for the other courts.

Vertumna. Incarnations of the four seasons, their symbolic representations. The Vertumna Conclave is generally unconcerned with day-to-day affairs but applies pressure to the cosmic scales when any one deific faction grows too powerful or threatening. They don’t believe in Good or Evil, but just try to keep all planar and deific entities roughly equal in scope of power.

Ashydir Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Aeshir (AY-sheer) Cultivation, Freedom, Light Raging fire She recognizes that time is finite, so you should do what you can while you draw breath. Sometimes that means knocking things down to make something new.
Aevis (AY-ves) Austerity, Freedom, Love Swirling winds They are accommodating of many viewpoints, for truth can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.
Aya (AY-uh) Decay, Fate, Serenity Blanket of ash She believes that the aftermath of utter annihilation is utterly fascinating, and it is where true growth can occur.
Gaarh (GAHRD) Order, Serenity, Wisdom Sturdy rock Actions are dangerous. He believes in careful consideration and deliberation before any significant action.
Gaesh (GAYSH) Light, Wrath, Wisdom Bubbling lava He thrives on conflict, seeing it as a chance to prove one’s might and worth.
Gaevid (GAY-ved) Austerity, Fate, Freedom Shifting sand She acts as an intermediary, trying to smooth over conflict whenever it might arise. The happier everyone is, the happier she is.
Sharyd (SHAHR-ed) Cultivation, Order, Love Wet clay They adore any form of creative outlet, moving from one hobby to another with dizzying speed.
Sheryn (SHEHR-en) Freedom, Love, Wrath Crashing water She holds a strong will and is incredibly emotional, prone to bouts of rage however, she also cares for those close to her with unmatched passion.
Vishyyr (Vish-EAR) Austerity, Order, Serenity Icy glacier They believe that emotion leads to rash decisions with terrible consequences, and emotion has no place in a mature person.
Yasheri (yash-EHR-ei) Freedom, Hedonism, Love Exploding steam Love and pleasure are all that really matter in life. He believes that as lon as your actions hurt nobody, do whatever brings you joy.
Letspina Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Aralunsi (ahr-ahl-UN-see) Hedonism, Knowledge, Salvation Tongue Enjoy the finer things in life, for you will not live forever. He finds great purpose in eating, singing, and conversing.
Daropmet (DAHR-oph-met) Darkness, Knowledge, Wrath Ear Be patient and understand what someone else is really trying to say. They are deeply fulfilled through conversation and contemplation.
Etaluna (et-ahl-UN-uh) Fate, Nature, Wisdom Raised heckles Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut. She embodies the elusive “sixth sense” and the simple but undeniable feeling when something is wrong.
Patyra (pat-EER-uh) Hedonism, Love, Nature Hand They are completely focused on the present. You never know what tomorrow holds, so why bother fretting?
Latisk (LAT-isk) Knowledge, Light, Wisdom Eye It’s important to keep your eye on the big picture. He is constantly vigilant and always trying to consider the grand plan.
Rosfa (ROSS-fuh) Salvation, Nature, Serenity Nose Sometimes, memory can hold more truth than plain fact. She finds both sentiment and formative experiences to be absolutely foundational to existence.
Pashak Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Amazonia Cultivation, Hedonism, Light Jungle tree If you have in abundance, you ought to share with those less fortunate.
Augustan (ah-GUST-un) Ambition, Salvation, Light Sequoia Take measures to ensure that your legacy casts a long shadow, as it is all that will remain of you once you are gone.
Brackist (BRACK-ist) Austerity, Bravery, Freedom Mangrove Be open to unexpected circumstances and adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.
Caspit (KAS-pet) Austerity, Nature, Revenge Cactus Be careful with what you have. The glutton will starve first, come the famine.
Cedrian (SEHD-ree-un) Bravery, Salvation, Serenity Conifer The hard and cold times in life give context and sweetness to the easy and warm months.
Elpad (ELL-pad) Light, Hedonism, Love Maple Merriment, a jovial spirit, and deep friendship are the staples of a life well lived.
Junia (JOO-nee-uh) Cultivation, Love, Serenity Fern Tend to your own comfort and needs, and the needs of those you love, provided that you don’t hurt others to do it.
Okart (OAK-ert) Bravery, Honor, Redemption Oak Take a stand against injustice and shelter the helpless from danger. If you have the means to protect others, and you ignore them, you are worse than a villain.
Pecash (PECK-esh) Cultivation, Salvation, Wisdom Tree nut Patience pays. Sometimes, you don’t see the fruits of your labor for years or even decades.
Relustin (rel-UST-en) Cultivation, Hedonism, Salvation Berry bush Trust the world around you to provide. Sometimes it will give abundantly, sometimes the bare necessities, but always will it give.
Wylla (WILL-uh) Fate, Honor, Order Birch Structure, community, and a group mentality give every living thing a greater meaning and purpose.
Yvinna (yev-EEN-uh) Ambition, Decay, Darkness Nettle Draw in unsuspecting victims to seek your comfort, and then torture them until they beg you to stop. This is power, and it is yours to command if you are willing.
Zenir (zen-EER) Hedonism, Nature, Wrath Desert grass Celebrate with abandon when you can, because hardship and war are all too common.
Shibmar Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Al'An (al-AHN) Knowledge, Light, Wisdom Giraffe's head Do not go looking for danger, but always be aware of its reality. Stay vigilant to ensure the safety of those you love.
A'rl'ng (AH-ril-ing) Bravery, Freedom, Honor Horseshoe Run wild and live free. Do not let anyone put shackles, real or ideological, on your own untamable spirit.
Arych (AHR-yick) Ambition, Darkness, Revenge Spider web There is a scheme devious enough to bring anyone to their knees. Learn these schemes and utilize them, or they will be used against you.
Clikkirikkilc (kli-KI-rik-ilk) Decay, Darkness, Order Beetle One must work hard in order to earn any reward. Many hands, however, make such work light, and even enjoyable.
Enthri (EHN-three) Freedom, Knowledge, Wrath Eagle head in profile Many opportunities will present themselves to you if you maintain a keen and watchful eye.
Gusper (GUS-pehr) Fate, Freedom, Salvation Salmon A simple life is often the most satisfying. Go where the current of life takes you, content with your family and your surroundings.
Heq (HEK) Hedonism, Revenge, Wrath Boar head Violence is in every creature’s nature. Do not shy away from such emotions or the acts that they prompt, for they make you powerful.
Immort (em-OORT) Austerity, Order, Salvation Turtle shell Be in no rush. The slow and cautious planner usually succeeds where the frantic worker fails.
Khailain (kal-AIN) Ambition, Decay, Revenge Cobra head Always treat others the way that they treat you. Assume that everyone is out to manipulate you or get ahead.
Kleppar (kleh-PAHR) Bravery, Freedom, Nature Squirrel eating a nut Maintain a balance between present and future. Take pleasure in the present moment, but also prepare for hard seasons that will one day come.
Kos Bravery, Love, Wisdom Peacock feather It is right and good for one to seek status. By appealing to others, they will respect you more.
Leshy (LESH-ee) Cultivation, Knowledge, Nature Orangutan head Any discarded detritus might be repurposed into a tool. The things you can create are limited only by your imagination.
Lob Salvation, Light, Love Holstein cow Strive for bright, tranquil days. When possible, avoid darkness and conflict of all varieties.
Porov (POR-ov) Austerity, Order, Serenity Hermit crab Strong walls and an insular community can ward off even grave threats.
Pretibyrd (PRET-ee-berd) Freedom, Light, Love Chickadee Song and music have no intrinsic merit, but they provide beauty. That is merit enough.
Saurzan (SOAR-zen) Bravery, Death, Honor Alligator head In a world ruled by chaos and cruelty, you either kill or get killed. Do what has to be done.
Sekh (SEK) Freedom, Hedonism, Wrath Lion's head Wander the world as far and wide as you can, always seeking new experiences. Embrace every opportunity.
Shap'ke (SHAHP-kee) Darkness, Fate, Revenge Shark fin Take advantage of those with less power than you, but do not crush them, lest they stop providing you with endless resources.
Stoll Austerity, Death, Knowledge Vulture head Death is inevitable, so make use of this fact. Do not seek out death, but do not turn from it either. Anything can be made useful.
Tamat (TAM-aht) Death, Darkness, Knowledge Elephant head Never forget the past, for it is in the lessons of the past that we can learn to shape a better future.
Vele (VEY-ley) Bravery, Honor, Love Bear paw You will, invariably, be knocked down. When this happens, get back up. You will be stronger for it.
Woden (WOE-den) Fate, Redemption, Wisdom Crow Gaze ever into the future, and navigate the waters of life with sage counsel and a level head.
Wolven (WOHL-wehn) Honor, Love, Nature Wolf paw Your strength is never greater than when you surrender to others, and your weakness is never stronger than when you rely only on yourself.
Stravon Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Assi (ass-EE) Decay, Revenge, Redemption Humanoid with a donkey's head He believes that life is a series of miseries, separated by brief moments of annoyance. Might as well make sure everyone knows it.
Bline (BLIEN) Hedonism, Light, Love Handheld fan Alternating between joy and disgust, she tries to guide people in her own relatively narrow view of what “good” is and help them avoid “bad.”
Caliban (KAHL-ib-ahn) Decay, Redemption, Wrath Knotted staff with barnacles on it Often misunderstood, he inspires fear in all who see his hideous visage. In truth, although he angers quickly, he seeks to protect the misguided and help them see the error in their ways.
Edmari (ed-MAHR-ee) Austerity, Serenity, Wrath Happy and sad masks Typically agitated and frustrated, he believes that any institution becomes corrupt over time. After a certain point, all orders must be razed and started over.
Eyar (EE-yer) Fate, Serenity, Wisdom Sleeping pony Weary at the endless cycle of pain and shattered hopes, she prefers to slumber in melancholy and hope that one day the dreams give way to a brighter reality.
Halam (hal-AHM) Hedonism, Serenity, Wrath Upraised hand holding a skull Broody and emotional, he can be prone to manic phases of violent action before returning to his emotional muck. He embodies the tension between a desire for change and the overwhelming weight of said change.
Leira (LEY-ruh) Darkness, Nature, Revenge Woman's face with a bandage covering her eyes Alternating between long periods of relaxation and brief phases of panicked alarm, she tries to guide her pupils and her wards away from harm without revealing herself.
Oberon (OEB-ehr-ohn) Darkness, Love, Revenge Moon A gloomy lover who feels intense passion for his family and his subjects, he can be an unstable and unpredictable force.
Puck Freedom, Salvation, Serenity Dragonfly A carefree miscreant more than willing to do the dirty work of any other deity, provided that it will not land him in too much trouble.
Rometta (rom-ETT-uh) Decay, Freedom, Wisdom Spilled cup Obsessed with finding love for herself and helping mortals find love, she is usually deeply happy or quite sad – or that strange, sweet mix of both.
Titania (ti-TAIN-ee-uh) Light, Serenity, Redemption Sun A pensive and long-term planner, she makes decisions that she believes will benefit the ongoing wellbeing of her family and her subjects, even if those decisions are incredibly mundane.
Vertumna Conclave
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Rosen (ROES-un) Cultivation, Love, Nature Budding flower She sees beauty in the act of creating and cultivating new life, and in renewing old promises.
Strack (STRAHK) Austerity, Darkness, Honor Snowflake Hardship gives rise to responsibility. He believes that frugal living is wise, and creatures have the duty to look after one another.
Thaund (THAWND) Cultivation, Hedonism, Wrath Lightning bolt He often lives in the moment, without a thought for the next day. Quick to wrath, and equally quick to forgiveness.
Wythen (WEI-then) Decay, Death, Hedonism Fallen leaf Make merry, for tomorrow all will die. She believes in accepting the inevitable and in finding enjoyment in the present.

Avadri Deities

The avadri are a race of technological gods, wielding vast cosmic powers through the use of machines and programs that use reality as the hardware and thoughts as software. They often create monuments and supercomputers out of basic materials such as stone to exercise their creative capabilities. They are generally forgotten gods, known (and feared) by the other planar entities but lost to the mainstream historical accounts of many mortals. As such, it is uncommon for humanoid religions on Ancerra to venerate the avadri, though some cults dedicate themselves to them and some religious teachings mention them in apocryphal texts. An avadri might be a Paragon or a Corrupted; these are the two factions of avadri that clashed before the creation of Ancerra in a cosmic war that nearly destroyed reality.

Corrupted Avadri
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Dethonax (DETH-oh-NAX) Ambition, Decay, Wrath Cluster of spiked chains A devious hivemind who uses any means available to control and extort other creatures to his own ends. Paranoid, secretive, and possessive.
Kathanon (kar-THEN-ohn) Decay, Cultivation, Revenge Bloody pawprint Manic and obsessive creator of all manner of poisons and monstrosities. She tends not to scheme like the other Corrupted, but acts on impulse.
Amonaq (AH-muhn-ock) Death, Hedonism, Wrath Asteroid cluster Fanatically determined to eradicate life at any cost, as it sees all existence as a terrible curse.
Ustaz (OOS-tahz) Ambition, Death, Revenge Spiked hammer Believes that if he consumes enough souls he will ascend as the ultimate god. His schemes are entirely to help him kill and consume more creatures.
Jehemekh (JEH-hem-eck) Decay, Hedonism, Knowledge Eight daggers bundled together Utterly exploitative, he will backstab anyone, including staunch allies, if it will get him ahead. Above all, he wants to amass more power and wealth to lord over all other creatures.
Kamosh (KAM-osh) Freedom, Hedonism, Wrath Bleeding anatomical heart Kamosh offers little thought to the future, instead pursuing any form of indolent pleasure that they can find in the present.
Lashrael (LASH-ray-el) Austerity, Darkness, Knowledge Black scythe An uncaring and unfeeling force of death who simply wants to see the universe plunge into eternal darkness.
Paragon Avadri
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Nexariel (nex-AHR-ee-el) Cultivation, Order, Knowledge Four-dimensional cube Cold and uncaring, endlessly calculating. She exists as thousands of hypothetical iterations of the original Nexariel, who duplicated herself before sacrificing herself to save the avadri.
Romariel (row-MAYR-ee-el) Order, Salvation, Redemption A forge hammer engraved with a flower Compassionate and creative, he tends towards sorrow rather than anger when he is wronged. A smith and mason of cosmic proportions.
Faetanorel (fay-TAN-oh-rel) Freedom, Honor, Love Opened book of music Creative and generous to the point of naivete, she seeks to create songs and creatures that can spread joy, and tries to ignore when they use their gifts for ill.
Yazardarel (yah-ZAR-duh-rel) Death, Order, Revenge Flaming gavel Absolutely emotionless embodiment of justice with no room for negotiation or exception. She sees no reason to offer any mercy to the guilty.
Syllimael (sai-LEM-mai-el) Austerity, Darkness, Wrath Bleak humanoid face with a hand over its mouth A silent watcher, preferring to observe than interact directly. But when they deem it necessary to intervene, their plans are unerringly successful.
Rakariel (ray-KAHR-ee-el) Death, Light, Wrath Upraised hand with a decorative eye in the palm A violent warrior who strives for righteousness but will often strike first when he feels that proactive justice can prevent greater loss.

Avatar Dieties

Avatars are a small group of fundamental entities that might also be categorized in any of the other major pantheons. They perpetuate a recurring cycle that can lead to the creation or destruction of entire worlds. The most powerful archfae, the leaders of the celestials, and the strongest fiend lords could be considered avatars. There are also a handful of avatars more powerful than all other pantheons. These avatars follow the model of the six creators, rarely involving themselves in direct happenings in the cosmos, instead guiding the other pantheons with a light touch.

Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Door Fate, Freedom, Knowledge Door An impersonal, single center point that connects all worlds. Represents all beginnings and endings.
Dream Austerity, Darkness, Serenity Sleeping face A consciousness of what might lie beyond reality, what may or may not come to pass, and endless possibilities. The Dream is the bridge between the physical and spiritual.
Guide Cultivation, Knowledge, Redemption Lighthouse Taking many forms, a Guide is born when the cycle stalls and their only drive is to put the cycle back into motion.
Interloper Ambition, Hedonsim, Revenge Smirking face The Interloper exists as a necessary antagonist and contingency to the cycle. Their goal is to break the wheel and end the cycle. The Interloper constantly sturdies the wheel by attacking it.
Messenger Knowledge, Light, Wisdom Folded letter Connects worlds and realities. Roams the dream and seeks truth. Brings sacred knowledge, invention, and enlightenment to mortal life across the multiverse.
Mother Cultivation, Love, Wisdom Face with a head scarf The first avatar. The Mother begins a cycle. Cultivates life and love.
Orphan Ambition, Austerity, Fate Cradle One who embodies trial, hardship, endurance, and survival. The Orphan heralds the end of the cycle.
Prophets Bravery, Honor, Redemption Face looking upward The Prophets are the antithesis of Mother’s children. They contend with each other to sway the Orphan, one to destruction and one to enlightenment.
Superstar Ambition, Fate, Hedonism Star The moral uniter, the speaker of a collective dream, representing fame, riches, glory, and unity.
Surrender Death, Decay, Entropy Downcast face A dark force that can break most, but pushes heroes to action. Surrender is sometimes aware of its existence as a necessary evil and will martyr itself as a culling force.
Veil Fate, Darkness, Serenity Curtain The obscuring force that preserves the mystery of the future. An enigmatic agent of chaos. Everything undiscovered and uncreated.
Violence Death, Revenge, Wrath Yelling face The second avatar. Violence represents an eventuality that cannot be avoided, brother against brother. Those seeking the Orphan must find the Mother and Violence to start their path.
The Six Creators
Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Change Ambition, Freedom, Nature Butterfly The incarnation of change. One small action can have endlessly cascading ripples. From chaos comes all beauty.
Time Decay, Cultivation, Fate Cat The incarnation of time. Controls the rate and flow of the multiverse’s forward progression. Protects the cycle.
Death Decay, Death, Nature Crow The incarnation of death. Determines how the afterlife works and controls what happens to Essence after its vessel is gone.
Life Ambition, Hedonism, Salvation Fish The incarnation of life. Capable of creating mythic artifacts, living worlds, and other deities.
Destruction Decay, Order, Wrath Serpent The incarnation of destruction. Breaks down vessels, nations, planets, and realities so that new ones might be created.
Creation Cultivation, Order, Wisdom Turtle The incarnation of creation. Gives form to previously formless matter and energy, creating galaxies and realities.

Celestial Deities

Celestials are disciplined and structured. They understand the importance of divine law, and typically believe that upholding the cosmic order is their purpose. The Council of Celestials passes dictates that affect every major actor in the planes of existence, and the celestials expect to be obeyed by other planar entities. In general, celestials are perceived as the arbiters of peace and justice, but the truth is more complicated. Some celestials exploit the cosmic legislative system in order to lord power over their colleagues.

Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs and Tenets
Ahuromazdi (ah-HOO-row-MAHZ-dee) Love, Redemption, Wisdom Half-moon solar eclipse Charitability and wise counsel. He quietly works behind the scenes to facilitate reconciliation between aggrieved parties.
Alenoc (AHL-en-ock) Ambition, Order, Knowledge Thick, closed book Crafty and methodical planner. He uses any means at his disposal to gain influence and wields it with brutal efficiency.
Betorien (be-TOUR-yen) Bravery, Honor, Wisdom Weighing scales Delicately balances pragmatism and empathy. She seeks peace and reconciliation, but accepts that this sometimes involves harsh justice.
Elohiereen (ehl-OH-hier-EEN) Cultivation, Knowledge, Nature Winged fish Generally considered the mother of mythic beasts, she always seeks to create new and wondrous creatures. Can be impulsive.
Judesaril (joo-DEH-sah-rihl) Honor, Salvation, Wrath Flaming sword He is extremely security-oriented and militaristically pursues the containment or execution of planar threats.
Lucien (LOO-sien) Freedom, Love, Redemption Harp Both loving and lustful, they embody both infidelity and dedication in an intense tumult.
Musharan (MOO-sheh-rahn) Bravery, Honor, Light Antler Defender of the weak and speaker for those without a voice. He also follows every celestial law to the letter, even when this misses the law’s intent.
Niphtaral (NIFF-tahr-all) Bravery, Order, Revenge Half-decayed tower Publicly a supporter of law and precedent, he maintains schemes within schemes to cause tradition to crumble..
Rasheen (ray-SHEEN) Ambition, Bravery, Light Executioner's axe A prowling protector that seeks out threats and neutralizes them to keep the innocent safe.
Tovare (TOW-vahr-ey) Cultivation, Salvation, Redemption Sprouting seed The leader of the Celestial Council, dedicated to cultivating the best in everyone and always seeking to redeem any who lose their way.
Yrojaram (yer-OH-jar-ahm) Ambition, Decay, Freedom Flame-bladed dagger A constant advocate for the villain and the monster, she trumpets the belief that there are always two sides to every story.

Eldritch Deities

Horrible, twisted creatures from beyond the known planes, in the obscuring mists of the Pale. Eldritch beings appeal to cultists due to their strange powers and the fear that they inspire.

Exile Deities

Exiles are former celestials. After the Celestial Civil War, the exiles were banished to Inferno, where they quickly became major warlords and power brokers in the hellscape. While the exiles are denounced in mainstream religions, some religious offshoots believe that the exiles were treated unfairly and need to be venerated.

Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Angrodean (an-GROW-dee-un) Decay, Hedonism, Serenity Fattened boar Will do anything to further his own comfort; believes one’s own desires are the only truth.
Bolloc (BOL-ock) Bravery, Nature, Wrath Rabid dog's head They find purpose in eviscerating anyone and anything that moves. War provides meaning.
Lissama (liss-AHM-uh) Light, Love, Wrath Hissing snake Power and control through any means are the ultimate good. She will do anything to gain and maintain such power.
Mikhael (MICK-hai-el) Ambition, Salvation, Wrath Eagle's wings Power is a means to an end: the protection and glorification of all creation. He intends to rule over the multiverse, as none could do it better.
Ortharia (or-THER-ee-uh) Ambition, Decay, Darkness Chipped tooth Believes that the surest way to gain power and control is by destabilizing everyone and everything around her.
Ralzire (rahl-ZIER) Darkness, Honor, Redemption Bat's wings Any born into darkness can nonetheless find the light. He is on his own journey to such an effect and guides others on similar redemptive journeys.
Shivran (SHIV-rahn) Death, Order, Wrath Owl head with bleeding eyes Power lies in belief. She does whatever it takes to convince others of her own cause and her own capacity to enact it, for this is what truly inspires change.
Zutonian (zoo-TOHN-ee-un) Death, Honor, Knowledge Horned helmet over a skull Single-minded focus on achieving an objective. He believes that collateral damage is an illusion: if the objective is achieved, that’s all that really matters.

Fiend Lord Deities

Before the exiles arrived in Inferno, the fiend lords ran the plane. Beings of brutality and chaos, they wage ongoing war with the exiles. Fiend lords typically have secretive and twisted cult followings.

Deity Icons Symbolism Personality, Beliefs, and Tenets
Gezanmorcrux (GEZ-ehn-MOHR-crux) Bravery, Death, Wrath Axe with a haft resembling a giant femur A brutish, hulking fiend. He believes that the direct approach is usually the best.
Rakmourtuth (rack-MOOR-tuth) Death, Darkness, Revenge Six curved swords held in a bleeding fist A cunning demon agile of both body and mind. He believes that action is important, but only after careful planning.
Sahrnulothon (sur-NUHL-eth-ohn) Darkness, Knowledge, Revenge Three triangular eyes rimmed in flame A figure who sees all throughout the multiverse. She is unendingly intelligent, and he makes no deal without steep recompense.
The Six Bishops Austerity, Decay, Nature Human skull with six eyes A group of six death-obsessed entities that are constantly in a state of terminal illness. They are replaced by their hopeful apprentices as they die.
Thaniakoth (THAHN-ee-ack-oth) Death, Hedonism, Revenge Tongue licking fangs A carnal and riotous figure, he relishes any form of hedonistic gratification and is known for fits of unpredictable passion.
Yolmurathun (YOHL-mur-AYTH-un) Ambition, Fate, Revenge Flaming warhammer A scheming fiend who spends as much time forging new inventions as he does planning his next moves in battle.

Cyoth Deities

Beings of absolute and uncaring law, they seek to preserve the existence of spacetime over the existence of life. In certain instances this has led to them carrying out mass exterminations when necessary and creating entire races when needed. They are even more cryptic and unknowable than the ancient avadri, and virtually no mortal has ever heard of them.