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There are many ways to pass through the veil of death, but few to pass back. For time immemorial, intelligent mortals have sought ways to break the bonds of life for themselves or others. Whether by dark ritual, unrestricted science, or sheer power of will, these beings continue to exist on the fringes of the living world.

The undead forever move with purpose and are often driven by that which could not be completed in life. Whether it be revenge, love, or works left unfinished, this goal shapes every action they make until it is completed and a new goal is discovered. Undead make unwavering companions and are often sought out for their knowledge of lore, history, or crafting. Though ghosts and spirits are classified as “undead,” the willpower needed to maintain a purely nonphysical form often requires that they remain bound to haunted structures or areas of land and so undead adventurers carry on with what remains of their original bodies.

Undead in Society

While the undead are rare in the wider world, societal views on undead vary widely from culture to culture and spread the gambit of outright hostility to ritualistic honor. Some societies treat undead like they do their family elders, and others actively hunt them down out of fear or prejudice. In general though, the undead are respected for their direct knowledge of the past and their unwavering nature.

Undead Traits

Appearance, Height, Weight, Size, and Speed: The undead maintain the vague semblance of the body they had in life, though the nature of their animation may leave them in various states of decay. Refer to the Memories of Life feature for your average height and weight, as well as your Size.

Lifespan: Undead tend to live as long as their physical form can sustain them, some for centuries or longer.

Undead Features

Undead Starting Features

At level 1, you get the following features as an undead.

Feature Discreption
Undying Constitution As an undead you do not need to eat, drink, or breathe to sustain yourself. You must Rest, but you do not sleep and instead enter a state of suspended animation. You are immune to sleep effects.
Memories of life You may choose one option from any other list of lineage features (not including a lineage's base features). This represents your lineage before becoming an undead. Such lineage feature cannot have Prerequisites.

All Undead Features

You gain an additional feature at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 29th levels. Choose from the features below.

Feature PreReq Description
Blood Drinker You rely on the blood of others to retain your health. Once every seven days, you must drink the blood of a living humanoid or creature. If you do not, you become Sickened until you next drink blood. For seven days after drinking blood, gain the following benefit: you heal from broken bones and internal injuries when you Take a Rest.
Blood Drinker II Blood Drinker While gaining benefits from Blood Drinker, you appear to be a healthy version of the lineage chosen with Memories of Life. You pass most sensory inspections, but magical inspections still reveals your true nature. Additionally, while under the effects of Blood Drinker, regain 1d4 HP whenever you Recoup and are Bloodied.
Captivating Gaze Your eyes now shine with a faint unholy light. You may attempt to charm a non- undead humanoid with your hypnotic gaze. To do so, make a CHA attack vs the WILL of a humanoid within 15 ft of you. If you hit, then the humanoid is Charmed. A Charmed humanoid views you as a dear friend and does anything they can to obey a reasonable request. This effect lasts for one hour or until the creature takes damage.
Captivating Gaze II Captivating Gaze Your Captivating Gaze no longer ends when a target takes damage, unless the damage is from you.
Claws Your fingernails grow long, sharp, and jagged, and your hands take on an emaciated tenor. Gain a special attack that costs 2 AP and deals 1d4 sharp damage on a hit. This is considered a natural weapon, and you use your choice of STR or DEX for the attack and damage rolls.
Corpse Eater (END/Rest) By spending 3 AP, you may consume a portion of any non-undead humanoid and immediately regain hit points equal to your level. Additionally, when consuming a non-undead corpse, gain one memory tied to strong emotions from that humanoid’s life, determined by the MC.
Creature of the Night (1/Rest) Cats, dogs, horses, and other domesticated animals always treat you with hostility and fear. However, you are never willingly attacked by Bats, Rats, and Wolves. Provided that such creatures naturally live in the area, you may summon one creature from the choices below:

That creature is friendly towards you and your allies for one hour. At the end of this time, the creature wanders away.

Creature of the Night II Creature of the Night (1/Rest) When you summon creatures, you may choose more powerful creatures, choosing from the original options or from:
Darkvision You can see in darkness to a limit, even without any light sorce. You cannot discern color while using your darkvision. While using darkvision, you can see up to 30 ft, and then are blind beyond that point.
Jolt of life (1/Rest) After taking lighting damage from any source, you may gain +3 AP at the start of your next turn.
Jolt of Life II Jolt of Life Jolt of Life becomes 1/Recoup.
Jolt of Life III Jolt of life II, Character Level 20 You have unlimited uses of your Jolt of Life feature.
Touch of the Grave You can make a special attack against a living creature. Spend 3 AP to make a melee attack using END against a living creature’s FORT. If you hit, the target becomes Paralyzed until the end of their next turn.
Unholy Fortitude Gain Resist Occult 3 and Vulnerable Divine 1.
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