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In order to recover from the rigors of combat and exploration, you will need to rest. There are three levels of recuperating in MythCraft, each explained below.

Catch your Breath

When you Catch your Breath, you take 5 minutes of no or very light physical activity.

If you are at 0 HP when you begin Catch your Breath, you do not gain Death Points during that time, and you regain 1 HP at the end of the 5 minutes.


When you Recoup, you spend 1 hour of no or very light physical activity.

If you are Bloodied Conditions when you Recoup, then you regain up to 1⁄4 of your maximum HP. However, when you regain HP in this way, you do not regain HP that would cause you to remove the Bloodied Condition.

For example, at level 2, Marcus and Avery both have 16 HP, meaning that they are Bloodied if they have 8 or fewer HP. When they Recoup, they would each regain 4 HP. Marcus has 3 HP, and Avery has 6. When they Recoup, Marcus regains 4 HP, bringing him up to 7 total HP; however, Avery only regains 2 HP instead of 4, bringing them up to 8 total HP, because they cannot remove the Bloodied condition as a result of Recouping.

Recouping assumes that you have time to Catch your Breath, allowing you to regain any abilities that would necessitate Catching your Breath.

Each time you Recoup you remove 1 death point.

Take a Rest

When you Take a Rest, spend 8 hours of no or very light physical activity. At least 6 hours of this time must be spent sleeping.

You regain all of your HP after you Take a Rest, and remove all of your Death Points. If you have Fatigue, you remove the Fatigue condition instead of removing your Death Points.

Taking a Rest assumes that you both Catch your Breath and Recoup, gaining those benefits as well when you Take a Rest.