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Divine Spell, Enchanting
APC: 6
SPC: 24
Range: 60 ft
Requires: Verbal, Visual
Duration: Instantaneous
Spell Description
All creatures within range lose all of the following Conditions: Affinity, Burning, Charmed, Dazed, Demoralized, Enthralled, Grounded, Helpless, Focused, Frightened, Freezing, Paralyzed, Phobic, Prone, Protected, Rallied, Shaken, Sickened, Slowed, Staggered, and Stunned.

Additionally, you and all allied creatures within range can move 5 ft for free.

Sacrament: If you use a diamond worth 100 sc as part of this spell, then you may choose a number of creatures within range equal to or less than your magic attribute. Those creatures do not gain any benefit from this spell.

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