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Backgrounds, Occupations, and Professions



Bhrunai Human Born Warrior Archivist Nomad
Dragonfolk Kettek Criminal Barrister Physician
Dwarf Kleppin Entrepreneur Charlatan Pioneer
Elemental Raedeen Knave Clergy Sailor
Elf Remnant Noble Title Entertainer Soldier
Fiendblood Satyr Outlander Guard Trader
Golem Trollkin Student Honorable Thief
Halfling Undead True Believer Inquisitor Thug
Hondu Urkou Urchin Knight

Talents and Stacks


Berzerker Ranger Warrior



Cleric Rogue Witch Arcane Arcane Magic Weapons
Mage Tinkerer Zealot Divine Divine Magic Armor
Oracle Troubadour Specialization Talents Occult Occult Magic Gear
Pugilist Vessel Magic Talents Primal Primal Magic Goods & Services
Psionic Psionic Magic


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