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You’ve had to fend for yourself from a young age, relying on your wits and cunning to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. Growing up on the streets, you’ve learned to be quick on your feet; to pick pockets and slip away from danger without being detected. Despite the hardships you’ve faced, you’ve developed a fierce independence and a sense of humor that has helped you get by, and you always have a trick or two up your sleeve to help you out of a tight spot.


Gain 24 Skill Points, which you can spend on any skill of your choice. With this feature, you may put up to 6 points into any individual skill. You may exceed this limit by gaining Skill Points from another feature.

No Professional Experience

As an urchin, you do not get to select a profession at 1st level.

Starting Wealth

Gain 5d20 sc (or take the average, 52 sc).

Additional Gear

Additionally, as an urchin you gain the following equipment: backpack, leather armor, 2 tools or kits, clothes (simple), rations (5), waterskin, utensils, sewing kit, bedroll, blanket, flint & steel, torch (10)