Tactical Advantages

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Tactical Advantage (TA) and Tactical Disadvantage (TD) are situational bonuses and penalties that can accrue in combat. TA is a +1 bonus, and TD is a -1 penalty. TA and TD can accrue indefinitely. When you make a weapon attack, add all your sources of TA and TD together and add the sum to your roll. When you make any other kind of attack (magic, maneuver, etc.), you only add your TD to the roll. (There are talents you can take to gain TA with magic and maneuver attacks.) You might have several sources of TA and TD at once, so be sure to account for all sources!

You gain TA through clever implementation of Conditions, such as attacking a Prone target. Your MC might also grant you TA for narrative reasons, such as having the high ground while dueling your corrupted apprentice.