Soliloquy of Annihilation

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Soliloquy of Annihilation is part of the Veil of the Eternal Night (VotEN) Kickstarter, and as such it is being developed for both the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and MythCraft RPG game systems. The story is essentially the same in both systems, with minor adjustments made to suit the two systems' unique game mechanics.

Soliloquy of Annihilation is the first of two campaigns we are releasing as part of VotEN. It takes heroes from level 1 halfway to maximum level (to level 10 in D&D, and level 15 in MythCraft). The sequel campaign, Daughter of the Shadows, will take the heroes the rest of the way (to level 20 in D&D or 30 in MythCraft).

Below is the prologue of Soliloquy of Annihilation. The full campaign is scheduled to be released for playtesting on June 3rd.


Soliloquy of Annihilation (D&D)


Soliloquy of Annihilation (MythCraft)