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You come from a different place, with different customs and beliefs than those around you. Perhaps you hail from a far off nation, or maybe you are more at home in the wilderness than in an urban environment. Your unique perspective makes you a valuable asset, as you bring fresh ideas and new ways of thinking to the table. However, it can also make you an outsider, seen as strange or untrustworthy by those who don’t understand your ways.


Gain 12 Skill Points, which you can spend on any of the following skills. With this feature, you may put up to 6 points into any individual skills with the Survival tag, and up to 3 points into any individual skills with any other tag. You may exceed this limit by gaining skill points from another feature.

Acrobatics: Balancing, Contorting

Athleticism: Applied Force, Athletics, Sprinting

Crafting*: Carpentry, Cartography, Cobbling, Cooking, Leatherworking, Weaving, Woodcarving

Performance: Instrument* [choose one]

Knowledge: Astrology, Astronomy, Geography, Medicine*, Vehicles* [land]

Observation: Intuiting, Perceiving

Stamina: Distance Running, Forced March

Survival: Animal Handling, Dungeoneering, Foraging, Nature, Navigating*, Sheltering, Sneaking, Tracking

Occupational Bonus

Tag: Wanderer

If you take a profession with the wanderer tag, gain +2 Navigating*.

Starting Wealth

Gain 5d20x2 sc (or take the average, 104 sc).