Knocking Unconcious

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Knocking Unconscious

A creature that deals blunt damage can choose to deal nonlethal damage.

When a creature reduces you to 0 HP with nonlethal damage, you regain 1 HP and become Dazed. If you were already Dazed, you regain 1 HP and become Stunned. If you were already Stunned, you regain 1 HP and fall Unconscious.

When Dazed or Stunned in this way, you remove the condition when you are no longer Bloodied or when you have 15 or more HP (whichever is lower), or when you Catch your Breath.

If you want to knock an NPC Unconscious, then use this system if the alternative would be the NPC gaining Death Points (some major villains may have this feature, at the discretion of the MC). If the NPC is assumed to die immediately, you can immediately knock it Unconscious instead.