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Combat begins when all creatures involved roll Initiative.

Initiative determines the order in which creatures take their turn during combat.

Initiative is an AWR check: each creature rolls 1d20 and adds their AWR. The one with the highest roll goes first, followed by the second-highest, and so on. After the last creature takes its turn, the first creature takes its second turn. Initiative order is repeated until combat is resolved.

In the event of a tie between one or more creatures, the creature with the higher AWR goes first out of those creatures. If one or more creatures tie and have the same AWR, roll unmodified d20s for each tied creature; the highest roll goes first out of those creatures, then the second highest, etc.

Remember that if you are encumbered, you must set down all items that are causing you to be encumbered before you can equip a weapon or a shield. Rules on encumbrance can be found on the Encumbrance Page.