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Any adventurer will need weapons, armor, and equipment to go on their grand quests. This chapter provides detailed information on weapons,

armor, gear, goods, services, and even how you might use magic items. The MythCrafter’s Guide contains additional information that your MC might use to adjust the economy, as well as a list of magic items that they might present to you.

Starting Gear

Each background specifies how much wealth you start with. In addition to the equipment you gain from your profession and background, all adventurers get the following:

1. A) 2 one-handed melee weapons, or B) 1 two-handed or hand-and-a-half melee weapon, or C) 1 one-handed melee weapon and a shield (buckler)

2. A) 1 shortbow and 20 arrows, or B) 1 crossbow and 20 bolts, or C) 3 javelins

3. or you can forego equipment in both 1. and 2. for an amethyst wand

4. A) 1 quarterstaff, or B) 1 hatchet, or C) 2 daggers, or D)

2 knives, or E) 1 cestus, or F) 1 brass knuckles

5. 2 trinkets

Your profession and background may specify that you gain additional equipment.