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You live on the fringes of society, always looking for opportunities to turn a profit through illegal means. Whether it’s through thievery, blackmail, or shady deals, you have a knack for manipulating the law to your advantage, constantly staying one step ahead of the authorities.


Gain 12 Skill Points, which you can spend on any of the following skills. With this feature, you may put up to 6 points into individual skills with the Subterfuge tag, and up to 3 points into skills with any other tag. You may exceed this limit by gaining Skill Points from another feature.

Acrobatics: Balancing, Contorting, Tumbling

Athleticism: Athletics, Sprinting

Crafting*: Brewing, Cooking, Jeweling, Painting, Pottery, Weaving, Woodcarving

Influence: Deceiving, Gossiping, Intimidating, Persuading

Knowledge: Art, Law, Politics of [choose region]

Luck: Fortuity, Scavenging

Observation: Appraising, Eavesdropping, Intuiting, Investigating, Perceiving

Performance: Entertaining, Savoir Faire

Subterfuge: Disguising*, Evading, Forging*, Lockpicking*, Sleight of Hand

Survival: Dungeoneering, Sneaking

Occupational Bonus

Tag: Underworld

If you take a profession with the underworld tag, gain +2 Intuiting.

Starting Wealth

Gain 4d100 sc (or take the average, 202 sc).