Born Warrior

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You possess a natural talent for combat and have an unshakable bravery that inspires those around you. With your strong body and quick reflexes, you are a formidable force, always ready to defend those in need and vanquish evil wherever it may lurk.


Gain 12 Skill Points, which you can spend on any of the following skills. With this feature, you may put up to 4 points into any individual skill. You may exceed this limit by gaining Skill Points from another feature.

Athleticism: Applied Force, Athletics, Sprinting

Influence: Intimidating, Leadership

Knowledge: Geography, History, Medicine*, Military Vehicles* [land]

Luck: Fortuity, Scavenging

Stamina: Forced March, Menacing, Distance Running

Survival: Animal Handling, Dungeoneering, Navigating*, Sheltering

Occupational Bonus

Tag: Militant

If you take a profession with the militant tag, gain +2 Forced March.

Starting Wealth

Gain 5d20x2 sc (or take the average, 104 sc).